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Our Priority is to the Driver!

We Perform Driver Helpful® DOT Physical Exams to Assist in Obtaining a CDL Medical Card.

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We know how important it is that you maintain a current CDL medical card. With extensive knowledge of the exam requirements, we will guide you through so you can Keep on Truckin'.

What is a Driver Helpful® DOT Physical Exam?

Helping drivers is what we do. We know the medical requirements and we are interested in helping the driver maintain their livelihood. When needed, we steer drivers with medical conditions thru the requirements so they maintain a current CDL medical card.

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Biography: Dr. Angelic Gregory McMillan - Empowering Safety and Compliance through Rapid DOT & Drug Testing

Dr. Angelic Gregory McMillan is a visionary entrepreneur and dedicated advocate for workplace safety and community well-being. As the esteemed owner of Rapid DOT & Drug Testing, she has channeled her passion for drug testing and safety into creating a reputable establishment that caters to the needs of safety-sensitive workers, ensuring fast and effortless compliance solutions.

Dr. McMillan's journey into the world of drug testing began with a profound desire to make a positive impact in the lives of employees and their communities. Witnessing the importance of a drug-free workplace in enhancing productivity, she set out to create a haven that would uphold the highest standards of safety and integrity. Driven by her vision, she founded Rapid DOT & Drug Testing to serve as a trusted partner in supporting businesses and individuals alike in their pursuit of a safer and more compliant work environment.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise as a National Registry Certified Medical Examiner for the Department of Transportation, Dr. McMillan ensures that every drug testing process and DOT Physical at Rapid DOT & Drug Testing adheres to the stringent guidelines and regulations set by the DOT. Her proficiency in the field empowers her to navigate complexities with ease, providing clients with reliable and accurate results, essential in determining the fitness of employees for safety-sensitive positions.

Dr. McMillan's unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for her work shine through in the seamless and efficient services offered at Rapid DOT & Drug Testing. She understands the critical nature of compliance in safety-sensitive industries and recognizes that time is of the essence. As a result, she has crafted a purpose-driven environment where each step is executed with precision and diligence, ensuring a quick turnaround for clients without compromising on quality.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. McMillan is known for her compassionate approach, treating every individual with respect, empathy, and discretion. She recognizes the sensitivity of the issues surrounding drug testing and seeks to create a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere, fostering trust and cooperation among clients and colleagues alike.

Throughout her journey, Dr. McMillan's dedication to promoting a safer workplace and healthier communities has remained the guiding force behind Rapid DOT & Drug Testing's success. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, paired with her profound understanding of the needs of safety-sensitive workers, has cemented her reputation as an industry leader.

In the dynamic world of drug testing, Dr. Angelic Gregory McMillan stands out as a beacon of integrity, passion, and expertise. Through her visionary leadership at Rapid DOT & Drug Testing, she continues to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their safety and compliance goals, making a lasting impact on the well-being of all those she serves.

NRCME Number: 4417052012

Dr Angelica