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10-Year NRCME Recertification Training & Practice Tests

For DOT Medical Examiners who are approaching their certification expiration

Initial NRCME DOT Medical Examiner Training & Practice Tests

Become a Medical Examiner and perform DOT physical exams

DOT Drug Urine Specimen Collector Training

Available Courses:

  • Qualification & Proficiency (Mock Collections)
  • Proficiency ONLY
  • Error Correction
Alcohol breath test

Accredited Breath Alcohol Technician Training

Qualification & Proficiency (Mock Collections)

DOT Drug Test Oral Fluid Specimen Collector Training

This training will be available once the DOT has finalized their specimen collector regulations.

NRCME Practice Tests

Two 120-Question tests & bonus questions. (Included in the full training.)

FAA BasicMed Physical Exam Training

Learn the nuances of the BasicMed exam for private pilots and flight instructors.

MEAA Training

Teach staff everything needed to be a valuable Medical Examiner Administrative Assistant