NRCME Test Taking Advice:

The NRCME certification test is composed of 120 multiple choice questions.  One hundred of the questions are graded, the other 20 are being evaluated for future tests.  You can’t tell the difference. The passing score for all test versions is 71%. Instructions are to choose the most correct answer. Test questions have purposely been written to have distractors in the question, and in the answers to lead you away from the most correct answer. Some questions are written to downplay or conceal the real issue. We have tried to make our questions similar to what you will see on the real test. In this way, we hope the practice tests will be an effective tool. Make sure you read the comments that accompany each question.

Remember that medical examiners are expected to be able to recognize what is needed for the driver to be qualified to drive, as well as to advise drivers. There are many questions asking what would be the next best step and/or what advise should the medical examiner be providing to the driver.

Understand the “order of testing” that should be utilized, such as when to use spirometry, pulse oximetry, or arterial blood gases. Know the normal values of these tests. Whenever you see a question that lists the additional testing or action that is needed as an answer choice, as well as another answer choice that is the referral to the appropriate specialist, always choose to order the additional test. Only choose to refer the driver to a specialist if it is the only possible correct answer.

Hearing: What is the next step when a driver does not pass the whisper test, audiometric, or open field testing, with our without the use of a hearing aide?  You should also be able to read and analyze an audiogram report (click here for audiogram information) and be able to determine which ear(s) meet the hearing requirement.

Be aware of normal UA values (even values not required to be reported). Be able to use UA values, such as specific gravity, to help ascertain possible diagnoses.

When taking the certification test, if you are unable to immediately identify the correct answer, go back and re- read the question very closely. If a second reading does not seem to help, make your best choice for the answer, and save the question into the review list and come back to it after you have worked through the complete test. Do not spend too much time on any one question. It’s important to move deliberately through the test.

At the end of two hours, or when you exit the test, you will get a score. The passing score for that test will be displayed along with your score.  If you do not pass, you can retake the test the very next day if desired.

Before beginning the test, take the opportunity to spend up to 15 minutes learning the computer system to take the test.  This 15 minutes does not come out of the two hours you have to complete the exam.  Learn to put a question into the “Uncertain” file if you are unsure of the answer. When you get to the end of the test, you will want to review those questions you weren’t sure about. Only after you have completed the exam, and reviewed any questions you weren’t sure about, should you take time to make comments regarding a question.  Making comments regarding a question comes out of the time you have to take the test.  Some say that using the mouse during the test is the easiest and quickest.

After taking the National Registry certification test, if you notice questions that you found were particularly challenging or that you feel should be better covered in the sample test or training, please feel free to contact us at