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  • TeamCME’s website generates over a thousand phone calls each month from drivers wanting to schedule their DOT Physical Exam or Drug and Alcohol Test at our Members’ locations
  • Our pesonalized member web pages are an excellent referral source and practice builder
  • TeamCME Members participate in our contracts with regional and national trucking companies. We send drivers directly to you while you maintain your usual and customary fee
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  • We Decrease Your Expenses

  • TeamCME Members get better drug and alcohol testing prices than they could on their own. We’ve negotiated volume rate discounts and then pass on the savings to you
  • TeamCME Members save hours of time using our 60+ Medical Clearance Letter templates
  • We Keep You Compliant

  • TeamCME Reference Manual
  • TeamCME Members have access to our proprietary protocols to aid them in making the right driver status determination
  • TeamCME Members can call us for help with questions regarding DOT-related services
  • TeamCME Members are the first to know about DOT and Drug and Alcohol program changes through our newsletters