Becoming A Certified Medical Examiner | NRCME Certification Process

At TeamCME, our passion is connecting certified Medical Examiners and truckers. Part of this mission involves helping medical providers become certified. We regularly get calls and emails asking about the steps that it takes for a doctor, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, etc. to become registered with the NRCME and begin offering DOT medical exams. Hopefully these help answer some of your questions as you make the decision to take this step.

Who is eligible to become a certified Medical Examiner?

According to regulations, medical providers with MD, DO, DC, PA, APN, APRN, and NP are eligible to take the national exam. Check with your state to ensure their official policies as some of the requirements vary in certain areas.

What is the process like when becoming a certified Medical Examiner?

Before taking the exam to become a Medical Examiner, the provider must undergo the necessary training first. Candidates who finish an accredited training program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. (You can find information about this training here)At this point, the prospective Medical Examiner will need to register with the FMCSA and receive their 10-digit National Registry number. Keep in mind that the Certificate of Completion must be obtained PRIOR to registering with the FMCSA. After applying for registration, you will receive a welcome email with your unique ID number. You will then be eligible to take the National Registry Medical Examiner certification test. According to the FMCSA, the following organizations are currently offering the tests:

  • Comira
  • Prometric
  • PSI

You can find additional information about the process on the FMCSA site

What is the certified Medical Examiner test like?

The NRCME exam is an in-person, 2 hour test containing 120 questions and the candidate must achieve a score of at least 71%. 20 of the questions are “pilot” questions that are not graded, but their identity is concealed from the participant. The questions will contain information outlined during the applicant’s initial training, as well as clinically-oriented questions that test general medical understanding. Once the test is complete, the DOT will notify the candidate via email. This may take up to 3 weeks. Prospective examiners who do not score at least a 71% on the test may retake it. However, there is a 30 day waiting period required before rescheduling the next attempt at the NRCME exam.

How often do I have to re-take the NRCME test?

Once you have passed the national test and obtained your certification as a DOT Medical Examiner, you will have to maintain your credentials by completing recurring training every 5 years. You will also be required to pass the certification exam once every 10 years.

How can I get help becoming a certified Medical Examiner?

TeamCME’s goal is to support Medical Examiners, and to guide them as they provide a valuable service to their community. Our staff is available to answer questions and offer advice. Call us at (541) 276-6032 or click HERE to contact.