FAA BasicMed Exam Training

Perform the FAA BasicMed Exam for Private Pilots, Flight Instructors & Students! No Certification Required!

The BasicMed program allows most “General Aviation” pilots to obtain a BasicMed exam in lieu of a 3rd Class Airman Medical Certificate.
This simplified exam has it’s own regulations, procedures, forms and requirements.

Our training course is online and on-demand.

Using FAA recommendations and aeromedical resources, learn how to correctly perform the BasicMed exam in your office.

Cost: $99

  • Key Components of the FAA BasicMed regulation and FAA terminology
  • Assess Pilots for FAA BasicMed medical exam eligibility
  • Aid Pilots with medical conditions to fly under the BasicMed program
  • Determining pilot flight safety
  • Recognize medication classifications that may be a risk to safety
  • Identify disqualifying medical conditions
  • FAA Guidance and Aeromedical resources for BasicMed providers
The following healthcare providers are or may be eligible to perform BasicMed exams:

MDs and DOs: Can perform the BasicMed exam in all states without being a FAA Aviation Medical Examiner.

DCs: May perform the BasicMed exam when considered by their State Chiropractic Licensing Board to be a “Chiropractic Physician” with State scope of practice to perform the components of BasicMed exam. (for a current list of States allowing DCs to perform BasicMed call TeamCME: 541-276-6032)

ANPs/PAs: May perform all or part of the exam per state regulations, with the exception of signing the BasicMed Medical exam Checklist. The Checklist must be signed by the “state licensed physician” responsible for the exam.

Others: Professions determined by their state licensing board to be a “state licensed physician” with scope of practice to perform all elements of the BasicMed exam.