National Registry Practice Test

“The Reason” for Success! 

“Without taking your practice test I would not have been adequately prepared and would not have passed.  Thanks to you I passed my first time!”

Dr. Tucker

“The practice test was very helpful. I am looking forward to serving the trucking community and I will be recommending your training to my colleagues.”

Dr. B

The Certificaton Test for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners can be challenging, but the TeamCME Practice test questions act as a study guide to insure you have all the knowledge you need. They are specifically constructed to challenge your preparedness and augment your ability to pass the actual certification test.  The first time most trainees take our practice test, they get only 50-70%% correct. It is composed of over 200 of the most difficult questions we could think of, and each question provides not only the correct answer, but an explanation of why it is the correct answer. We don’t emphasize for you to memorize the questions, we stress the importance of knowing the reason the answers are correct.  Dr. Michael Megehee was on the NRCME Working Integrated Product Team that created the examiner training core curriculum and he assisted in creating the first pool of actual test questions.

This practice test also helps prepare you with guidance regarding the computer system used to take the test, and test taking skills to employ. As you answer each question, a comment appears that explains why your answer is right or wrong.  This reinforces a deeper knowledge of the subject matter which is applicable to other questions on the same general subject.  Also included are tips that help direct you to the correct answer and what to do when you don’t know the answer.

Take the test on your own schedule.  Login and log out as much as you’d like. Before logging out, write down the number of the last question you reviewed so you can start you next session from there.