Tips to Help DOT Medical Examiners Grow Their Business

Tips to Help DOT Medical Examiners Grow Their Business

As with any new startup company, you have the training and the location. Whether you are adding DOT physical exams to your practice or opening a new one, you will need new customers to make your time and training work for you. Knowing the best way to do this can be daunting. How do I get my name out there? How do I know that my advertising money will get a return on my investment? Where is the best place to advertise? How do I generate momentum when most drivers only need a physical every two years? These are all great questions, and this article can get you started on the right track.

Meet Drivers Where They Are

The first rule to growing any business is to know your customers. Who are they? Where do they spend their time? What is the best way to reach them? And, most importantly, what are their pain points?

Commercial operators spend a lot of time on the road. Truckers need a DOT medical exam every two years. Additionally, 50% of drivers are tested annually in a random drug test. They get tested after an incident, when their employer has reasonable suspicion, as well as return-to-duty and follow-up testing as mandated by a substance abuse professional. Finding time for these appointments and tests can be challenging.

Speed, convenience, and efficiency are top priorities. Drivers want a one-stop shop where they can get all the testing done simultaneously rather than booking multiple appointments. Other factors they may not initially consider but will definitely notice are the atmosphere at the clinic and the friendliness and efficiency of the staff.

Advertise Your Services

You could have the perfect location, friendliest staff, cheapest rate, and most efficient process but fail to gain any business because nobody is discovering you. You need more clients than just those few who drive past your practice regularly. With the growing number of DOT medical examiners, you need to do something to stand out so you don’t get lost in the crowd. Advertising can help you reach more potential clients in a couple of ways.

  1. Reach Local Drivers – You’re the closest, so you’ll be convenient. Getting your name out within the local driving community can draw the truckers in your area, so coming to your clinic is a no-brainer.
  2. Make a Name for Yourself – You want to stay in the front of their mind, so you’re the first name they think of when they need another test.

First Steps

Web Presence: In today’s digital world, being on the internet is everything. People use the internet to answer questions, shop for clothes, get directions, and find a doctor. If you want to be the DOT-certified provider they find, you need:

  • A website that shows who you are and what you do. Be sure to include information on the services your ideal clients will search for so you come up in their search results.
  • Get that website on the first page of Google and other search engines (because people rarely look past page one.)
    • List your business with Google.
    • Post new content regularly. Filling your website with content about your specialty will build your credibility online and with potential customers.
    • Make sure your website works and displays well. A poor website reflects poorly on you and your practice. You may want to consider hiring an expert to handle the website and content optimization so you can focus on what you do best.
    • Be patient. Even if you do everything right, few businesses take off overnight. Growing online or through word-of-mouth takes time. Consistent effort is the key.

Social Media: Start interacting with your ideal clientele online through social media.

  • Post regularly- If your website is connected to your social media sites, you can post on your business website, and it automatically posts links to your article on your business social media pages.
  • Social media is more hands-on. Facebook, for example, ranks posts according to the interest you’ve shown in the topic, how much you engage with similar material, and how much engagement the article or post gets from Facebook users in general. Putting the article out is good, but you need people to interact with your site more often than twice a month before Facebook’s algorithm starts putting you at the top of user feeds.
    • Give your desired clientele value for free. Some post ideas are:
      • Resources that will help them do their job
      • Articles that may interest them (like changes in regulations or news about the industry)
      • Memes (visual jokes) that truckers relate to (keep them business-appropriate, of course.)
      • Announcements like milestones in your business or events at the clinic

Join A Network of DOT Physical Providers

Joining a network gives you instant credibility as you share the reputation of the network and its customer base. It also offers members benefits including:

  • Referrals – When a driver in your area calls the network, the network directs drivers in your area to your office.
  • Discounts on Testing Supplies – Networks can buy in bulk and often negotiate lower rates on frequently used testing and supplies than an individual clinic could do for themselves.
  • Frequent Updates – They’re a good source of industry news and regulation updates.
  • Continuing Education – Just as drivers need to recertify every two years, you and your staff will need to participate in training and continuing education periodically to maintain your status. Many networks offer these classes.

Final Thoughts

Building a loyal client base and a steady stream of new clientele will take some time. Start now and work the system until it works for you. You may want to hire help to get your website and social media advertising up and running and show you how to keep it going. And use your network to cut costs, stay compliant, and get referrals.


Tips to Help DOT Medical Examiners Grow Their Business


Attracting new customers is crucial when adding DOT physical exams to your existing practice or opening a new one. Read on to learn more in the infographic below.

4 DOT Examiners Business Strategies Infographic