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NRCME DOT Medical Examiner Recertification FAQs

How Does NRCME Recertification Work for DOT Medical Examiners?

The 10-year NRCME recertification process is almost identical to initial certification.

  • Complete either live or online recertification training

  • Log into your FMCSA National Registry account and upload your training certificate

  • Contact one of the two FMCSA-approved testing organizations (Prometric or PSI) to schedule the NRCME recertification test

  • Take and pass the recertification test prior to your National Registry certification expiration

When Can I Start the NRCME Recertification Process?

National Registry Certified Medical Examiners are eligible to recertify once they have reached the 9-year mark of their current certification. These DOT Medical Examiners can begin their recertification training and testing on January 1, 2023. This way, they will have a full year to complete the process. We recommend starting the process early and give yourself adequate time so that if you happen to fail the test, you’ll have plenty of time to take the test again before your certification expires.

How Can I Check the Expiration Date of My NRCME Certification?
To check the Expiration Date of your NRCME certification, you must first login to your National Registry account, then click on “My Profile” in the left-hand column, followed by “Manage User Information”.
Near the top right of the next screen, you will find the expiration date of your NRCME certificate. If you have not completed the recertification process by that date, you will be removed from the National Registry.
My NRCME Medical Examiner Certification Expires in 2023. What Happens If It Expires?

Medical professionals whose certification status in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners expires at any time in 2023 will have until December 31, 2023 to recertify. For example, medical examiner certifications that expire in March 2023 will still be valid through the end of the year. This is only for NRCME DOT Medical Examiners whose certification expires in 2023. FMCSA encourages MEs to take full advantage of the extended 1-year timeframe by starting training and testing actions on January 1, 2023.

DOT Medical examiners will not be held accountable for an expired NRCME certification as the recertification process has not been available until recently. However, if these medical examiners have not completed recertification by the end of 2023, they will loose their certifcation status and be removed from the National Registry.

Is There an Online Training Option Available for NRCME Recertification?
Our online NRCME recertification training is on-demand and available for you to start the recertification process at any time. Included with the online training is our practice test and medical examiner reference manual.
How Long Does NRCME Recertification Training Take?
Our training for recertification in the National Registry involves 7 training modules, each of them are between 45-60 minute duration. Also included is our practice test and medical examiner reference manual which is a handy study guide. The training modules and practice test are on-demand and can be reviewed as often as desired.

The live NRCME recertification conferences are held on weekends and scheduled for the majority of the day Saturday, then the first half of Sunday.
What Happens If I Fail the NRCME Recertification Test?

Medical providers who are certified and listed in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners may continue to perform DOT physicals until their certification has expired. If you fail the test but your initial NRCME certification has not expired, you will not be removed from the National Registry. Also, if you don’t pass, you no longer have to wait 30 days before retaking the test. You can retake the test the next day if you choose.