“Qualification-Only” Accredited Drug Testing Specimen Collector Training

This course may be used for Initial training OR the 5-Year Recertification training.

50% of Drivers Are Randomly Selected for Drug Testing Yearly

  • This does not include pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and other instances.
  • Motor Carriers and Drivers are required to be in a randomized Alcohol and Drug Testing program resulting.

Price: $89

Qualification Training:

  • 3-Hour Training Video

You may start or stop the video at any time and return to finish the video as needed.

  • Training Manual

A downloadable PDF version of the training manual is included.

  • Forms, Charts, Brochures

Available for your use are drug testing forms, charts that offer guidance, and brochures that you may find useful.

Once you have completed the Qualification Training, your Mock Collections must be completed within 30 days.