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Lincoln, California

Atlas Spine Center

DOT PHYSICAL EXAMS IN Lincoln, California

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Atlas Spine Center

Bradley C. Herrgord NRCME

TeamCME Contact Number

Contact Number

(916) 645-3890
Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation

8:30- 6. Monday-Thursday


  • True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression(DRX9000 and Acuspina)
  • Specific Chiropractic
  • Electroanalgesic Pain Management utilizing Matrix by NeuroMed
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Cold Laser
  • Regenerative Medicine(Pure Wharton's JellyUmbilical Stem Cells)
  • Balance Testing with Balance Tracker
  • Chronic Knee Pain(KneeonTrac)
  • DOT Drug Testing

Our Priority is to the Driver!

We Perform Driver Helpful® DOT Physical Exams to Assist in Obtaining a CDL Medical Card.

Pass Your DOT Medical Exam!

We know how important it is that you maintain a current CDL medical card. With extensive knowledge of the exam requirements, we will guide you through so you can Keep on Truckin'.

What is a Driver Helpful® DOT Physical Exam?

Helping drivers is what we do. We know the medical requirements and we are interested in helping the driver maintain their livelihood. When needed, we steer drivers with medical conditions thru the requirements so they maintain a current CDL medical card.

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Give us a call! We are committed to getting you back on the road in no time.

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Dr. Bradley Herrgord grew up in California and began his chiropractic career in 1991 in Lincoln, CA. He spent years as a volume practitioner, continually adjusting spines from morning until night, often with energy to spare (or until the spines kept coming). One day in 2008, everything changed; three herniated discs in his lower back caused debilitating “cattle prod” like spasms, “electrocuting” his lower back. The pain and persistent functional loss took away his freedom and independence. He would gradually regain the ability to walk and stand, when unexpectedly it would re-occur, once again rendering him bedridden with debilitating pain. These episodes continued for an entire year, feeling he had exhausted all options. He was about to give up! Then, a friend introduced him to a true non-surgical spinal decompression machine, the DRX9000. Although he did not understand what this brand-new technology was at the time, he made the hour drive to another small town in northern California. The disc was so bad that he had to sit in the middle console, and bent over while driving to get there. He found profound improvements after only his second treatment, possibly finding an answer to his problem. His concerns about his ability to work, sleep, and raise his children began to diminish. He is forever indebted to this amazing technology, so much so that he dedicated his career to helping those who desire an alternative option to dangerous opioids, risky epidurals, and often unnecessary neck and back surgeries. He has been master-certified multiple times in treating discs, bulges, herniated extrusions, and degenerative discs. The clinic, Atlas Spine Center in Lincoln, California, is one of the largest and most recognized of its kind on the West Coast. Additionally, he is a contributing author to the recently released Ultimate Spinal Decompression book featuring the godfather/co-inventor, Dr. Norman Shelly, M.D., Neurosurgeon from Harvard.

NRCME Number: 4568933214