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Alcohol and Drug Testing in Fontana, California


Khashayar Sadeghi

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We are a TeamCME Clinic!

Nationally Recognized Provider of DOT/Non DOT Drug Testing!

Not sure if you need a randomized drug testing program?  We have the answer!

DOT & Non-DOT  Consortiums  for Randomized Drug Testing of Commercial Drivers or Employees 

 DOT: The “Gold Standard” for Drug and Alcohol Testing

Department of Transportation drug testing training, accreditation, and procedures are considered as the “Gold Standard” for drug an alcohol testing.  All of our drug and alcohol testing is performed by trained and DOT accredited testing personnel who know the federal procedures to keep you or your company in compliance.  Samples are sent to a SAMSHA certified laboratory and are reviewed by a Certified Medical Review Officer.  Not sure if your company is required to perform random drug and alcohol testing?  Just give us a call, answer just a few questions and we can give you the answer.

Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employers:

Testing for current employees or applicants deserves the same high quality treatment as those that require the “Gold Standard”.  Applying the DOT standards to Non-DOT alcohol and drug testing protects your non-regulated company from allegations of improper or incorrect drug testing practices and test results.  All drug testing in our office is performed by DOT accredited urine specimen collectors. Specimens are sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory.  Negative test results are nearly always available the next day.  However, if the sample is required to have further testing, results are usually available in 2-4 days.

DOT and Non DOT Randomized Drug and Alcohol Testing Program:

We have a dependable/reliable DOT certified drug/alcohol consortium program that is very competitively priced. The consortium will be tested at the 2018 FMCSA rate of 25% for drugs and 10% for alcohol.  We are you intermediary with the TeamCME random testing consortium. We will do all of the contact/service work directly with you and would enjoy being your office for all of those needs. Our office strictly adheres to the required components of DOT standards in all of our testing, which means you can rest assured that your program will pass a DOT audit anytime. For companies that are not federally required to have random testing, we have a Non-DOT randomized testing consortium program to fit your needs.

DOT Medical Exams/CDL Physicals:

Our office provides Driver Helpful physical exams for commercial drivers and others who are required to have a physical.

Looking for a DOT  Drug Testing in Fontana, California?  You’ve come to the right place!

DOT Mandated Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements

Any person operating a CMV requiring a CDL in intrastate or interstate commerce is required to participate in a DOT Drug Testing Program.  Owner-operators must register with a consortium and participate in the Consortium’s random testing pool.


Dr. Kash is a Certified Medical Examiner in the National Registry who performs DOT Exams (CDL Physicals) for Commercial Drivers. He is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, in San Jose, California. He has treated more than 46,000 patients. With over 23 years of experience, Dr. Kash has specialized in treating musculoskeletal injuries using the latest techniques in sports medicine, chiropractic and physiotherapy, as well as soft tissue mobilization. He is also a Certified Medical Examiner (CME) for DOT exams under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's National Registry for the U.S. Department of Transportation. In addition, Dr. Kash is also certified to provide DOT and Non-DOT/Random Drug Testing.