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Arkansas Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Steven Bennett, DC, FACO NRCME

TeamCME Contact Number

Contact Number

(501) 374-1153
Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation

M,W: 8:00am-12:00pm, TH: 9:00am-12:00pm, M,T,W,TH 2:00pm-6:00pm, Fri: 8:00 - 1:00 *Call to arrange appt for off hours


  • Occupational Health Services
  • “Helping Reduce Recordable Injuries”
  • DOT & Non-DOT Physicals
  • DOT & Non-DOT Drug Screening
  • Post Offer Physicals
  • Fit for Duty Exams
  • DOT & Non-DOT Alcohol Testing
  • Fit Testing
  • Pulmonary Functional Testing (PFT)
  • Hearing Test
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • COVID Testing – if there has been a workplace exposure testing can keep more people on the job rather than just quarantining
  • Lift Testing
  • X-ray MRI CT Scan EKG
  • Reading X-rays
  • Injury Treatment
  • Job Safety/Consulting
  • Ergonomic Consulting
  • Urinalysis
  • Customized Blood Tests
  • Vision Screening (Far Vision
  • Near Vision
  • Peripheral Vision & Color Blindness)
  • Background Checks
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Our Priority is to the Driver!

We Perform Driver Helpful® DOT Physical Exams to Assist in Obtaining a CDL Medical Card.

Pass Your DOT Medical Exam!

We know how important it is that you maintain a current CDL medical card. With extensive knowledge of the exam requirements, we will guide you through so you can Keep on Truckin'.

What is a Driver Helpful® DOT Physical Exam?

Helping drivers is what we do. We know the medical requirements and we are interested in helping the driver maintain their livelihood. When needed, we steer drivers with medical conditions thru the requirements so they maintain a current CDL medical card.

Need your DOT Physical Exam Today?

Give us a call! We are committed to getting you back on the road in no time.

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Steven F. Bennett, DC, FACO
After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Bennett came back to his home state to practice. Since 1982 Dr. Steven Bennett has provided quality chiropractic care to thousands of patients in Central Arkansas. He offers chiropractic manipulation techniques that have made chiropractic the leading non-medical form of health care in this country. He also became a board-certified specialist in Chiropractic Orthopedics. Today, he is one of seven Chiropractic Orthopedists in Arkansas and was the first board certified Chiropractic Orthopedist in the state. (Chiropractic Orthopedics is the non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation of trauma injuries, sports injuries, lifting injuries, falls and injuries from car crashes.) Dr. Bennett has been very active in maintaining and advocating high standards of practice for chiropractic in this state.

Dr. Bennett has also obtained certification in functional neurology which involves treatment concussions, the use of neurofeedback and specialized neurological treatment methods for the knees, shoulders and spinal conditions. Dr. Bennett also uses nutritional intervention to help patients improve their health, so they can minimize medications and the potential side effects they create.

Dr. Bennett has been providing DOT physicals and occupational health services for over 30 years. He is one of only a few healthcare providers in central Arkansas that are certified as a federal medical examiner to provide DOT physicals.

NRCME Number: 8720496892

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