Exam Supplies: A1cNow+

Exam Supplies: A1cNow+

Exam Supplies: A1cNow+

In-Office A1c result within 5 minutes! Box includes electronic testing device and either 10 or 20 test strips.
Refrigerated Shelf-life: One year  
Room temperature Shelf-life: 4 months
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A1cNow+ Tests
A1cNow+ with 10 test strips (Item Price of $145.00)
A1cNow+ with 20 test strips (Item Price of $185.00)
Two A1cNow+ boxes with 20 tests/box (40 test strips) (Item Price of $365.00)
Three A1c+ boxes with 20 tests/box (60 test strips) (Item Price of $534.00)
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Great for situations that require a new or recent A1c test such as CDL physicals for drivers with diabetes who do not have a recent A1c result. These CLIA-Waived A1c test strips are a quick, convenient, and low-cost alternative to A1c laboratory testing.  Electronic device can only be used for the number of tests in the box. If refrigerated, the test should be allowed to warm up to room temperature for 1 hour before use.

DCs: Prior to ordering, please check with your state scope of practice to ensure that you or your staff can perform a finger stick.

NOTICE: We are unable to ship this product to residential addresses. If you do not have a business address listed on purchase, we will contact you and ask that you provide one or your order will be cancelled, and a refund will be issued.