Drug Testing Facility For Your Business

Choosing The Right Drug Testing Facility For Your Business

Ian just started driving for your company. As part of the onboarding process, you require Ian to take a drug test to verify he is sober and ready to work. You are tempted to choose an inexpensive option. He’s not showing signs of being intoxicated, after all. The test is just a formality.

After a negative test, Ian gets in an accident, killing two occupants in the other vehicle. A post-incident test concludes Ian was under the influence of drugs when he hit the other vehicle. Was the first test defective? Did Ian fool the test, or did he get high after the drug test but before getting behind the wheel? Will the victim’s family attorney take the results of the drug test, or will they say your company failed to exercise due diligence by ordering a test through a regulated facility?

Alcohol and drug testing can be a complex human resourcing issue. Choosing the wrong facility can have lasting implications for your business, but how do you choose a quality facility? What are the hallmarks of a top-notch testing facility, and where do you look?

Why is DOT Drug Testing Certification Necessary?

When putting a driver behind the wheel of a multi-ton tanker carrying hundreds of gallons of flammable gasoline through a populated area, ensuring your driver is unimpaired and capable of accomplishing the task safely makes sense. The same goes for bus drivers transporting a couple dozen commuters on a busy interstate highway or a sanitation worker driving huge trucks through residential neighborhoods where a child may run out in the middle of the street.

Commercial vehicles are bigger, heavier, harder to maneuver, and harder to stop when facing an unexpected obstacle. They carry heavy loads and, oftentimes, hazardous materials. Adding drugs or alcohol to the mix is a recipe for disaster.

As a company, you want your drivers and the public to remain safe. You want to protect the citizens of your community. In the unfortunate event of an accident, you want proof on hand that you regularly test your employees. You want to show that if a driver is under the influence, they acted against well-established company policy, and you met and exceeded the regulatory standard. It may not get you out of a lawsuit, but it can mitigate the damage so you don’t face hefty penalties for ignoring requirements.

Testing facilities that meet the DOT’s regulations give you proof that will hold up in a court of law. Using these facilities improves test accuracy, which is essential for your business. A faulty test could lead to an impaired driver getting behind the wheel and potentially causing an incident on the roadways for which you could be liable.

What To Look For in a Testing Facility

  • DOT Specimen Collector Training and Certification. A certified urine sample collector can handle all your drug testing needs:
    • Pre-hire drug testing allows you to verify your new driver is fit for duty.
    • Random drug testing protocols add another layer of protection for your company, discouraging employees from using between regularly scheduled medical exam appointments.
    • Post-incident drug tests verify whether a driver was sober or using at the time of an accident.
    • If an employee gives you reason to suspect they might be using it on the job, you can send the employee for a test before they start their shift.
  • Partnership With Certified Labs: When looking for a drug testing company, find one that works exclusively with certified laboratories. You know you will get consistent quality testing with results you can trust in any situation. You’ll also get a quick turnaround on test results.
  • Consistent Professionalism: The company you hire should maintain the highest standard of professionalism.
    • Your employees should feel comfortable knowing their privacy is protected.
    • Your employees should be treated with respect.
    • Your employees should feel confident in the results, as they can affect their careers and livelihoods.
  • Thoroughness: Specimen collectors follow all the proper steps in the testing process without cutting corners. The custody and control form is always filled out correctly, and the collector maintains control of the specimen, so you don’t waste time and money with retests.

Where Do I Find Drug Testing?

If you favor a DOT medical examiner, they are likely certified to collect specimens for the medical card drug testing. You can also search for terms like “dot testing center.”

Last Thoughts

While business owners hope drug tests are just a formality and none of their drivers would put the companies at risk by using illicit substances, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Find a FMCSA certified medical examiner or DOT certified urine specimen collector today to help you protect your company and make the roads safe for everyone.