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Are you interested in generating exponential growth for your practice? Then consider taking full advantage of the benefits TeamCME offersto members. We implement some essential components that boost referrals, increase efficiency, decrease costs, and keep you compliant.

We start by creating a search engine optimized, DOT-specific website appearing on the first page of search results. If your plan is only to add DOT-related content to your main business website, it’s likely to get lost within the site. Having visible, easily accessible contact information is crucial, as is listing the services you offer. Displaying content that is appealing to the driver is also important.

Drivers and trucking companies search to find the most convenient option for maintaining compliance with DOT-mandated regulations. We support our members in becoming a one-stop shop by offering discounted lab fees and randomized drug testing consortium services.

When searching for a location for their DOT physical, drivers that come to the TeamCME website can select from any of our member locations nationwide. By logging in to the TeamCME member center, you have access to over 60 medical clearance letter templates, each containing the FMCSA guidelines that applyforthat condition. Members have quick access to everything they need pertaining to the drug, alcohol, and consortium services they provide. Many members take advantage of the free training we offer, and they can reference any of our previously sent newsletters.

Members don’t have the hassle of searching through the FMCSA website for the required documentation as it is all one click away. They can also download our medical examiner reference manual that always contains the most up-to-date regulations and guidelines.

When performing a physical on a driver needing a sleep study, or already diagnosed with sleep apnea, by clicking here you’ll be able to send a referral to an exceptional sleep specialist as well as reference our sleep apnea algorithm, created from the 2016 medical review board recommendations. The National Billing Portal is where members go tosubmit exams performed on employees of a company that has contracted with TeamCME. We reimburse the member for each exam performed.

We also provide various marketing tools such as lists of motor carriers for a specific geographical location, marketing posters, and more.

Our purpose is to add value to your practice, helping you to soar above the competition.

We Increase Your Revenue

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We Keep You Compliant

DOT-Related Training

DOT-Related Training

10-Year NRCME Recertification Training & Practice Tests

For DOT Medical Examiners who are approaching their certification expiration

DOT-Related Training

Initial NRCME DOT Medical Examiner Training & Practice Tests

Become a Medical Examiner and perform DOT physical exams

DOT-Related Training

DOT Drug Urine Specimen Collector Training

Available Courses:

  • Qualification & Proficiency (Mock Collections)
  • Proficiency ONLY
  • Error Correction
DOT-Related Training

Accredited Breath Alcohol Technician Training

Qualification & Proficiency (Mock Collections)

DOT Drug Test Oral Fluid Specimen Collector Training

This training will be available once the DOT has finalized their specimen collector regulations.

NRCME Practice Tests

Two 120-Question tests & bonus questions. (Included in the full training.)

FAA BasicMed Physical Exam Training

Learn the nuances of the BasicMed exam for private pilots and flight instructors.

MEAA Training

Teach staff everything needed to be a valuable Medical Examiner Administrative Assistant