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Is the DOT Physical Covered by Insurance?

DOT Physicals are generally NOT covered

Medical exams are typically covered by health insurance when seeking to evaluate and treat a patient for specific health conditions.

In contrast, the DOT Physical Exam is considered a fitness-for-duty medical exam such as pre-employment and pre-placement physicals. These types of physical exams are generally not covered by health insurance.

There are Exceptions

For example, the health insurance provided to Oregon government employees covers the DOT physical exam. Also, some trucking companies specifically contract with their health insurance provider to cover the cost of driver medical exams. Lastly, some companies simply pay for their driver’s DOT medical exams.

Some healthcare providers combine the DOT physical into an annual medical exam that is covered by the driver’s health insurance. But if the driver hasn’t met their insurance deductible, they may end up paying anyway.

This practice has the potential to be viewed as insurance fraud as there is not a billing code that is descriptive of the service provided.

Four things may reduce the possibility of adverse action from an insurance company:

  • The driver should be an established patient of the health care provider

  • The health care provider must be registered in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners

  • The health care provider must actually perform the exam items indicated on the DOT exam form

  • The FMCSA Medical Exam Report Form, the Medical Examiner’s Certificate, and other exam and reporting requirements are included in the chart notes of the annual patient physical exam

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