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Keep Yourself Safe And Healthy On The Road This Year

Our profession is full of benefits and offers us the ability to make an honest living. But it doesn’t come without risks. Whether you’re a new driver, or have hundreds of thousands of miles under your belt, we all want to be safe and healthy for years to come. Check out these tips for some […]


Becoming A Certified Medical Examiner | NRCME Certification Process

  At TeamCME, our passion is connecting certified Medical Examiners and truckers. Part of this mission involves helping medical providers become certified. We regularly get calls and emails asking about the steps that it takes for a doctor, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, etc. to become registered with the NRCME and begin offering DOT medical exams. Hopefully […]

3 Health Concerns That Truck Drivers Need To Know About

Many truckers spend most of their daily life on the road. This means we get to see more of the world and enjoy a rewarding career. It also means that we spend a large portion of our lives in a seated position with minimal movement. This makes it difficult to keep our health in good […]

High Blood Pressure: How It Affects Drivers of Commercial Vehicles

High Blood Pressure a Daily Issue for Drivers and Medical Examiners New Criteria May Change Blood Pressure Requirements For CDL Medical Cards if Adopted By FMCSA Hypertension continues to be a driver roadblock to obtaining a two year medical card.  One of the issues is whether the newer (and more strict)  hypertension guideline issued by […]

2 Types of Tragedies Avoided With a Driver Helpful® CDL Physical

Why is a Driver Helpful® Medical Exam Important? Driver Helpful® CDL Physicals ensure public safety, and driver livelihood. Few Medical Examiners know how to perform a Driver Helpful® CDL Physical, and even fewer are interested in taking the extra time that is needed.  TeamCME Medical Examiners put a priority on performing a CDL physical that […]