5 Reasons To Do Your DOT Medical Examiner Training Course Online
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5 Reasons To Do Your DOT Medical Examiner Training Course Online

Healthcare is scientific and evidence-based. Those of us working in the field usually don’t want the most cutting-edge, risky option. We want the tried and true.

Face-to-face training typically fits that bill. However, online training isn’t new. We have been utilizing it corporately since the 90s. During COVID-19 and lockdowns, we have had to adapt, adopting even more digital tools. When debating online medical examiner courses and in-person settings, here are the following reasons you may want to opt for the virtual option:

1. More Knowledge Acquisition

A randomized control trial showed increased knowledge from online training compared to instructor-led training and manuals. Other studies have demonstrated it is just as effective as face-to-face learning. One reason for this could be that classes can be more streamlined and efficient, allowing more time to cover the subject matter.

The increased learning from online settings could be because the classes can cater to all learning styles: visual, auditory, reading-writing, and even kinesthetic learners. Tactile learners benefit from moving and practicing techniques as they learn them. In a virtual setting, they can do this without feeling self-conscious about acting things out as they would in a classroom setting. You also have the ability to re-access study materials, which will increase your retention.

2. Greater Flexibility

Unless you are one of the lucky few, you probably have a hectic schedule. You may work long days or night shifts. This lifestyle can make it challenging to complete additional certifications, especially if they are not part of your job’s training requirements.

Online training allows for much more flexibility, leading to higher completion rates. You can enroll for a class at a convenient time for you since online courses are more widely available. You can access your learning and study materials from anywhere and at all hours. Online is much more adaptable, with options for self-paced and bite-sized learning – a huge benefit in our modern workplaces and busy lives.

3. More Affordable

From the training company’s perspective, hosting a class online allows them to put all their resources and funding into paying the instructors and the training quality. In-person classes have the associated costs of renting physical space, having a cap on the class size, providing paper training materials, parking, paying instructors’ and employees’ travel costs, and much more.

From your perspective, you can complete the DOT medical examiner training online from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and internet access. With the rising cost of living, you can save on commuting or travel costs. Since the class can have more people attending and a larger audience, the cost of the course itself is typically less expensive.

Additionally, you can gain another certification and income avenue while already practicing in your profession. You don’t have to take time off of your current job to go to a physical class to enhance your earning opportunity.

4. Staying Current

Working in healthcare, you know that the most up-to-date information is critical. Taking certification classes online allows for nearly instant and frequent updates as the information changes. There can be lengthy delays in updating all material in traditional classroom environments.

Often, online courses track your module completion and exam scores instantly. When you complete the requirements, an employee doesn’t need to go through any paperwork to verify it. You will get your completion certificate immediately.

5. Improved Interactive Learning Atmosphere

Think back to your last live class. Did you feel entirely comfortable interacting with a room full of strangers? Communication is crucial between you, your instructor, and your classmates for any training. In-person training courses can offer that, but individuals may feel shy or self-conscious about participating in the traditional training setup.

When you’re in your own environment, surrounded by your home comforts, and separated from everyone else by a screen, you might feel more comfortable participating and asking questions you wouldn’t have in person. Even if you can’t work up the nerve to ask the question live, you can type it in a chat, and your instructor can still answer it aloud for the benefit of everyone.

While there are many legitimate reasons for choosing in-person education, there are many benefits associated with online learning. It’s more budget-friendly, has higher retention and completion rates, and allows for more knowledge acquisition. You can learn more effectively with the result of being a better, more efficient examiner.

It’s vital in the ever-changing medical field to stay up to date, and the DOT requires you to stay informed with updates for your certification compliance. Your online learning can take place anywhere and anytime. It saves money and time for everyone involved, both precious commodities in healthcare. You won’t regret opting for an online or blended program for your next training course.


Online medical examiner courses are becoming crucial, particularly due to COVID-19. They offer better learning, flexibility, cost savings, timely updates, and a comfortable learning environment. Healthcare professionals can benefit from these advantages, as online training is cost-effective, accommodating, and current with the latest information, making it a practical choice for their busy schedules and learning needs.

5 Benefits of an Online DOT Medical Examiner Training Infographic


5 Reasons To Do Your DOT Medical Examiner Training Course Online