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OOIDA Members get a 10% Discount on their DOT Physical from participating TeamCME locations.  Use the TeamCME Online Map or Driver Mobile App to find a TeamCME location near you.  Look for the OOIDA Icon and “Member Discount” in the clinic’s information.  Take your OOIDA membership card for identification.  It’s just that easy to get 10% off the already low pricing of TeamCME locations.


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TeamCME and OOIDA have  partnered to help OOIDA members get a fair, ethical, consistent DOT physical exam
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TeamCME is the largest network of DOT Certified Medical Examiners with over 600 U.S DOT Physical Exam locations.  With their advanced training, TeamCME Medical Examiners know how to steer drivers thru the medical guidelines so they can Keep on Truckin’.
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Each TeamCME Medical Examiner has access to TeamCME medical exam experts and other TeamCME partners when needed, such as smart sleep apnea testing from Phoenix Sleep Solutions where drivers get a fair determination of whether sleep apnea testing is indicated.  If an OOIDA member has a question about their TeamCME physical, they can call TeamCME for answers.
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TeamCME clinics are Driver Helpful, most offer same day appointments, and their pricing is nearly always the area’s best.  Plus OOIDA members get a 10% discount at participating TeamCME locations.
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TeamCME joins OOIDA in their effort to protect drivers from excessive physical exams and un needed additional testing.  If you are looking for a fair, ethical DOT physical exam, you’ve come to the right place!
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Become an OOIDA member and take advantage of the OOIDA Member Discount program at participating TeamCME DOT physical exam locations

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Download the Driver Mobile App, Find a location near you, and Get Expiration Alerts

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