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What are the DOT violations requiring alcohol testing for commercial drivers?

A commercial license leads to strict regulation through the DOT to ensure public road safety. There are some moving violations and specific rules for alcohol consumption that all commercial drivers need to keep in mind. These driving experts discuss the top reasons for alcohol testing and the regulations you must follow.

Ben Michael

Ben Michael

Ben Michael, Director of Auto, Michael & Associates.

Incidents Involving Fatalities or the Driver Received a Citation

There are two key criteria that will lead to alcohol and drug testing. The first is if a human fatality resulted from an incident. Employers will always test in these situations. The second is if a citation of any kind was issued by local police at the scene. In that case, especially if bodily injury or vehicle damage resulted, a test will also be required.

Shawn Laib

Shawn Laib

Shawn Laib is a commercial auto insurance expert with

Drinking Within Four Hours of Driving

There are some DOT violations truck drivers should be aware of in relation to alcohol use that are slightly more strict than the violations for regular drivers. For example, the blood alcohol limit for a truck driver is 0.04%, and this is lower than the usual 0.08% for non-commercial drivers.

There is also a DOT violation for consuming alcohol within four hours of driving a commercial truck. These violations are more strict because truck drivers need to be even more responsible than other people, as they are driving a vehicle that can cause a lot more damage on the road.

Jon Paul

Jon Paul, Tutor at Lsattutor.NYC.

Mandatory Periodic Inspection

DOT regulations are based on periodic inspection which is mandatory for everyone to do. This includes periodic inspection, repair, and maintenance.

The prohibited use of alcohol is found in the regulations of the DOT. It is mandatory to adhere to the consequences of reaching the limit of 0.020 – 0.039 or 0.040. So, it is something every commercial driver needs to be aware of, and if anyone is reaching the limit, such an act might lead to the cancellation or suspension of the person’s license.

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