A.I. murmur detection software

Detect murmurs using advanced

Artificial Intelligence. Perfect for DOT

Physicals and Sports Accessments.

TeleSensi™ Cardiac is designed to work with electronic stethoscopes.
First, a recording is made with the stethoscope. The
recording is then analyzed using our cloud-based algorithm. It
interprets the sound and determines if a murmur is present. After
this a diagnosis is sent to the user. The healthcare professional
can then use this result to assist in diagnosing their patient.

Every heart sound recorded by TeleSensi™ Cardiac is compared
against the world’s largest validated heart sound database to
determine if it’s an innocent physiological murmur (class III) or a
dangerous pathological murmur (class I). This gives an objective
opinion on what is heard. To further study the results, one can
use the application to analyze and re-listen to the recordings at
any time.

TeleSensi™ Cardiac allows one to have complete control of the
heart sounds that you are analyzing. TeleSensi™ Cardiac reports
heartrate at each of the four auscultation positions, relative
energy distribu- tions, and the complete heart murmur diagnosis.
This report can be exported to an Electronic Health Record (EHR)
or telemedicine system, be printed, given to a patient, or used in
follow-up examinations.

TeleSensi™ Cardiac is a Class II FDA approved medical device
that derives the following benefits for healthcare practitioners
and patients:

1. Access heart sounds from anywhere in the world
2. Integrate auscultation records into an EHR
3. Share sounds with your clinical network
4. Instantly detect and classify murmurs
5. Performing of cardiac assessments
6. Extract heart sound parameters
7. Cost effective and scalable
8. Detects 15 different heart conditions!
9. Reduce unneeded referrals and delays!
9. Can be performed by staff with physician overread
10. Have your clinic listed for direct DOT referrals

TeamCME Members

Monthly Subscription: $15 a month

Tier 1:  1-500 Assessment/Exams: $3 each
Tier 2: 501-1000 Assessment/Exams: $2.50 each
Tier 3: >1000 Assessment/Exams: $2.20 each

Once you reach a higher tier, you remain at that tier as long as you maintain your subscription.

If a provider performs more than one recording and evaluation on a patient on the same day within a 30 minute time period, they are only charged for 1 assessment.

Minimum Technical Requirements:
Windows 7, 8 or 10 Operating System
Core2Duo Processor
Littman 3200 Bluetooth Electronic Stethoscope

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FDA Approval (SensiCardiac)                                        SensiCardiac – Structural Heart and Clinical Teaching

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