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         for “Driver Helpful®” CDL Medical Exams                                 for DriverHearts DOT Physical Exams

Belonging to TeamCME is a no brainer! The TeamCME internet marketing, webpage, website and discounts on products and Lab/MRO services are a must for anyone doing DOT physicals!

Dr. Charles WeitzmanTeamCME Member San Diego, CA

I have been a member for over a year and it has truly been a pleasure.  Incredible support, professional interaction, always has the correct answer, and very accessible.  This is the elite Team to be a member of!

Dr. David C. CoxTeamCME Member Manteca, CA

TeamCME Membership

TeamCME Monthly Membership is only $29.95 a month. 

Apply today for access to powerful TeamCME internet marketing, services, products, and training that will set you apart and make you the out-standing CME in your area. Dominate the Internet using TeamCME advertising services. Have unlimited access to the TeamCME membership content such as medical condition clearance letters to send to treating providers, newsletters that keep you updated, single subject “Safe Harbor” training videos, and a listing on the TeamCME map and mobile app that currently have over 30,000 page views a month (84% being new visitors).  Get a member dedicated webpage an appear on Google Page 1 results and on the Goggle Business Map!  Have a difficult physical exam, drug or alcohol test?  Call TeamCME for expert guidance. 

Take your practice to the next level and above!

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Offer the Full Spectrum of DOT Services with TeamCME Membership for only $29.95 a month!

  • Be the Recognized Expert in your area!  Out-Innovate, Out-Service, Out-Market and Out-Compete the competition!
  • Be an OOIDA Member Discount Clinic for OOIDA Recognition and referrals!
  • Exclusive Protected Provider Area!
  • Exclusive Access to our Experts when you have a question on CDL Physicals, Alcohol & Drug Testing and More!
  • TeamCME Newsletters keep you up to date, prepared, knowledgeable and ahead of the pack!!
  • Free Access to the TeamCME Constantly Updated FMCSA Accredited NRCME Training! (12 Hours)
  • Perform the FAA BasicMed Exam for Private Pilots. Free Access to our BasicMed training!
  • Free Access to Hours of Single Subject Training videos!  Be in the Safe Harbor when determining driving status
  • TeamCME.com Clinic Map where you’re right in front of drivers, pilots, mariners and others looking for a Physical!
  • Free Driver & Pilot Mobile App:  Displays your clinic using GPS, Expiration “Alerts” sent to your clients automatically!
  • Advanced Internet Marketing Domination! Your Clinic on Google Page 1 Results!  Unbelievable results! ($15 charge/mth)
  • TeamCME Google Business Account and Google Business Map! Get another map listing at the top of the results page!
  • Sensicardiac! Perform Heart Auscultation as good as a cardiologist!  Discounted Prices for Members (Be part of the TruckerHearts Campaign ($15 added charge/mth) Learn More
  • TeamWorx CDL Exam EHR!  Discounted Price for Members! Learn More Here 
  •  InSight Plus Electronic Physical Exam Resource!  Discounted Prices for Members only $99 yearly
  • DOT Drug Lab Testing and MRO Review! Save on our low Lab and MRO pricing!
  • Online DOT Accreditation: Drug & Alcohol Test Physician and Staff Training! Save on your Drug/Alcohol training cost!
  • Cost-Effective, Sleep Apnea Home Based Testing, Use our OSA partner or offer OSA testing in your office!
  • TeamCME Randomized Drug Testing program for YOUR clients!  We support you and You make the $!
  • Expand your services into Occupational Medicine and more with our training!


TeamCME Online Map

  • Exclusive Geographic Provider Area!
  • Be just a click away from drivers using our Online Map (and our Free Driver Mobile App)!
  • Detailed Office contact information, hours, parking, even pricing, included in your clinic icon
  • Online Scheduling Available.  Unmatched convenience for all your clients and online users*

TeamCME ApplicationFree Driver Mobile App

  • With our Free Driver Mobile App, Your Clinic is literally at the driver’s fingertip!
  • GPS functionality allows Drivers to find Your Clinic for their DOT Medical Exam
  • One touch calling and driving instructions to Your Clinic
  • Drivers Save Your Clinic information as their last physical exam provider
  • Drivers get “Expiration Alerts” from Your Clinic before their Medical Certificate expires
  • iPhone and Android compatible. 

“Killer” Dedicated Webpage Looks and Functions like your own Website!

  • You’ll Be on Page 1 of Google Search Results for your area!  Unbelievable!
  • Advanced Features and Convenience sets your webpage apart from other websites!
  • Google Business Map listing as a TeamCME clinic! (an added listing at the top of Google Page 1)
  • Already got a webpage?  Doubles, Triples, or Quadruples your presence on Google Page 1!
  • Yes! We can link your webpage to your website and vice versa!
  • Unbeatable!! Absolutely the Biggest Bang for the Buck Available!!!
*Additional $15 monthly fee and one time $29.95 set up fee applies

Training, Supplies, Equipment

  • Advanced Training Available to perform consistent, ethical, reliable DOT physical exams with confidence!
  • Discounts for Online, Webinar, and Convention Accredited National Registry Certified Medical Examiner Training
  • Save $ for Online Accreditation to perform DOT Alcohol and Urine Drug Test Collection for physicians and staff
  • Lower costs for DOT Drug Testing Laboratory tests & MRO reviews, Non-DOT laboratory and/or in-office drug testing
  • Cost savings on Medical Examination Equipment, Forms, Supplies, Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Equipment & supplies
  • Low Cost Merchant Processing with an Internet Gateway for online credit card payments
  • Special Pricing for TeamCME Electronic Medical Record System Apps

Marketing and Business Development

  • Motor Carrier List for your area with company name, address, phone, contact name, and # of drivers/trucks*
  • Website Design and Internet Marketing specific to your clinic services and area*
  • You’ve got Backup!  Call us for those difficult exams, drug or alcohol testing. 
  • Teamwork makes the Dream work!
*Additional fees apply