Services Provided

  • Sensible Low-Cost Sleep Apnea Testing

    All drivers get the same responsible, sensible, and ethical decision-making protocol for identifying those drivers who may have moderate or severe sleep apnea based on the FMCSA bulletin and the medical review board recommendations. In partnership with Interstate Sleep Apnea Solutions, drivers can have a home sleep study in the comfort of their own bed (or truck) where they have a better chance of actually sleeping. This test takes less than a week and costs only $250.

  • Free Driver Mobile App With "Expiration Alerts". Never Forget To Renew!

    TeamCME mobile app on cell phone screen with info about DOT exam dates and locations.The quick and convenient solution to an expired medical certificate or alcohol/drug test collection, whether at home or on the road.  Use the GPS location on your Iphone or Android mobile device to find a DOT Medical Exam location near you.  Save the location of your last medical examiner and get “Expiration Alerts” sent as push notifications to your phone and an alert sent to your email.  Never get caught with an expired medical certificate!

  • Sensicardiac Heart Scan

    Cutting Edge Innovation at no Extra Cost! Drivers can receive a computer-aided heart murmur evaluation equal to that of a cardiologist. This device has already saved drivers’ lives and goes a long way in identifying previously undetected heart conditions. Available at participating clinics.

    Sensicardiac computerized heart auscultation

  • Randomized Consortium Alcohol And Drug Testing

    Use our map that lists Accredited DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing locations. All locations that offer DOT alcohol and drug testing can also offer random testing programs for motor carrier and driver clients.