SensiCardiac-Heart Auscultation with Confidence

Heart Auscultation!  Never so Easy!  Never so Accurate!

We can’t all be Cardiologists, but we can provide heart auscultation equal to one!

Detect previously unknown cardiac conditions prior to a cardiac event!  

Refer Drivers to a Cardiologist according to FMCSA Medical Guidance!

Can be performed by Staff with Physician Overread!

Reduce Unneeded Referrals and Delays!

Helps Diagnose 15 Heart Conditions!

Stone Three’s SensiCardiac is an FDA approved computer aided heart auscultation program that combines advanced cardiac murmur diagnostics with the latest Bluetooth electronic stethoscope**** technology to provide an assessment as accurate as a cardiologist!  Underlying heart conditions can be difficult to detect and even harder to interpret. SensiCardiac makes it easy!

Subscribers have their clinic listed on the SensiCardiac “TruckerHearts” website for direct referral of drivers to their location!

TeamCME is the National Distributor for DOT Physical Exam Use.

Subscription to SensiCardiac is just $15 a month plus a $2.20 to $3.00 charge per patient assessment*** performed with SensiCardiac. The more assessments you perform, the lower the charge** per assessment.

To Subscribe and “Make an Appointment” (Click Here)  

Fill in your contact information and click submit, you will be contacted directly by email by either SensiCardiac or TeamCME.

Out-Innovate,  Out-Perform,  Out-Provide,  Be Out-Standing!

**Lower Cost per Assessment based on Volume:

Tier 1:  Assessment/Exams 1-500: $3 each
Tier 2: Assessment/Exams 501-1000: $2.50 each
Tier 3: Assessment/Exams >1000: $2.20 each

Once you reach a higher tier (lower cost per exam), you remain at that tier from that time forward as long as you maintain your subscription.

***Repeat Recordings/ Same Patient/Day:

Sometimes a provider may want to perform more than one recording and evaluation for confirmation or to reduce unwanted noise. If a provider performs more than one SensiCardiac recording and evaluation on a patient on the same day within a 30 minute time period, they are only charged for 1 assessment.

****SensiCardiac requires use of the Littmann 3200 Digital Bluetooth stethoscope to be featured soon on the TeamCME Online store or can be purchased elsewhere.