SensiCardiac-Heart Auscultation with Confidence

Heart Auscultation!  Never so Easy!  Never so Accurate!

We can’t all be Cardiologists, but we can provide heart auscultation equal to one!

Detect previously unknown cardiac conditions prior to a cardiac event!  

Refer Drivers to a Cardiologist according to FMCSA Medical Guidance!

Can be performed by Staff with Physician Overread!

Reduce Delays and Unneeded Referrals!

Helps Diagnose 15 Heart Conditions!

Stone Three’s SensiCardiac is an FDA approved computer aided heart auscultation program that combines advanced cardiac murmur diagnostics with the latest bluetooth electronic stethoscope technology to provide an assessment as accurate as a cardiologist!  Underlying heart conditions can be difficult to detect and even harder to interpret. SensiCardiac makes it easy!

Subscribers have their clinic listed on the SensiCardiac “TruckerHearts” website for direct referral of drivers to their location. Stone Three is a cutting edge company that develops solutions for communications, remote monitoring and diagnosis, digital productivity, and precision telemedicine. New cutting edge telemedicine and additional cardiac analysis features will be coming to SensiCardiac. 

TeamCME is the Authorized SensiCardiac Distributor for DOT Physical Exam Use.

Subscription to SensiCardiac is just $15 a month plus a $2.20 to $3.00 charge** for each exam performed with SensiCardiac. The more exams you perform using SensiCardiac, the lower the charge per exam.  Use SensiCardiac on every exam performed, or only when referral to a cardiologist or other provider is being considered.  Use of SensiCardiac is recommended for use on every DOT medical exam,  but is NOT required.  Keep in mind that some drivers will be coming to you specifically for a TruckerHearts CDL physical exam.

SensiCardiac Subscribers have the prominent role as the designated referral providers of physical exams in the DOT “TruckerHearts” promotion campaign, website and clinic map.

Push the bar higher by performing computer aided heart auscultation in your office and make TruckerHearts physical exams available all across the country.

To become a subscriber go to the following link and click on “Make Appointment”.  You will be contacted directly by email by either SensiCardiac or TeamCME.

SensiCardiac requires use of the Littmann 3200 Digital Bluetooth stethoscope to be featured soon on the TeamCME Online store or can be purchased elsewhere. Contact TeamCME at 541-276-6032 with any questions

**Reduction in the charge for performed exams is determined by the total number of performed exams as follows:

Tier 1:  Assessment/Exam 1-500: $3 each
Tier 2: Assessment/Exam 501-1000: $2.50 each
Tier 3: Assessment/Exam >1000: $2.20 each

The number of assessments/exams completed do not reset to zero each year.  In other words, after you reach Tier 2, your cost will be $2.50 until you reach Tier 3 regardless of how long it takes.  Once you reach Tier 3, you will be billed $2.20 per assessment/exam along with the monthly fee of $15 for as long as you continue uninterrupted subscription.

Same Patient/Repeat Recordings: Assessment/Exam Charges:

If a provider performs a medical exam on a patient and uses SensiCardiac to do assessments/exams, they will be charged for 1 assessment/report for the single patient during the consultation.  However, in some situations the provider may want to repeated a recording.  If multiple assessments/exams are made on the same patient within a short period of time (30 minutes), the provider is charged for only for 1 assessment/exam. The provider can perform multiple re-recordings and even full assessments with generated reports during this time. This applies to the scenario where the recordings are noisy or the provider wants to verify his/her diagnosis to be absolutely certain of the outcome.