Heart Auscultation with Confidence

Never so Easy!  Never so Accurate!

Detects 15 Different Heart Conditions!

Reduce Unneeded Referrals and Delays!

Can be performed by Staff with Physician Overread!

Have your clinic listed on the SensiCardiac “TruckerHearts” website for direct referral of drivers to your location!

SensiCardiac is an FDA approved, computer aided, heart auscultation program that combines advanced cardiac murmur diagnostics with the latest Bluetooth electronic stethoscope technology to provide an assessment as accurate as a cardiologist!

Cost and Required Equipment

Monthly Subscription: $15 a month

Cost per Assessment based on Volume:

Tier 1:  1-500 Assessment/Exams: $3 each
Tier 2: 501-1000 Assessment/Exams: $2.50 each
Tier 3: >1000 Assessment/Exams: $2.20 each

Once you reach a higher tier, you remain at that tier as long as you maintain your subscription.

If a provider performs more than one recording and evaluation on a patient on the same day within a 30 minute time period, they are only charged for 1 assessment.

Minimum Technical Requirements:

Windows 7, 8 or 10 Operating System


Core2Duo Processor

Littman 3200 Bluetooth Electronic Stethoscope

Follow the link below to the website. Then click on one of the provided download buttons to install. Click on “Run” to install the latest version of SensiCardiac for your Windows PC.  Once the program is installed, you can use it immediately.

Both the SensiCardiac Set-Up Manual and User Manual can be downloaded from their website:

(Click Here) to download the SensiCardiac Set-Up manual (PDF).

(Click Here) to download the SensiCardiac Full User Manual (PDF)

If you have any questions feel free to contact