Spirometry: EasyOne Air Portable & PC Spirometer

Spirometry: EasyOne Air Portable & PC Spirometer
Spirometry: EasyOne Air Portable & PC Spirometer
Spirometry: EasyOne Air Portable & PC Spirometer
Spirometry: EasyOne Air Portable & PC Spirometer

Spirometry: EasyOne Air Portable & PC Spirometer

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EasyOne® Air
Portable & PC spirometer

EasyOne® Air is a flexible, accurate and proven spirometry solution designed for healthcare providers large and small. Utilizing TrueFlow™ technology, this portable spirometer delivers reliable results. Thanks to the vivid color touch screen, it is easy to navigate, view real-time results and enter data. Easily integrate EasyOne® Air into your existing clinical workflow. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and USB modules making connections to printers, a central database and EMR systems extremely easy and stable.
Directly connect to printers via USB or print via EasyOne Connect. Synchronize data via USB or Bluetooth.  Integrate into all major EMR/EHR systems via HL7, XML, GDT, or API. Reference projects to all major EMR systems available on request.  (Note: To perform OSHA testing requires calibration syringe and adapter not included) 

Includes: Spirometer, Charging cradle, Power cord, EasyOne connect Software, Bluetooth dongle, 5 disposable flow tubes, 3 year warranty

Cost:  $1971.00 Includes shipping

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Additional Disposable Supplies:
Package of Flow Tubes (Quantities of 50, 100, 200)  Product #5050-50, 5050-100, 5050-200

Additional Accessories: 
3 liter Calibration syringe with calibration adapter (Product # 2030-2) - (Required for OSHA Testing)
Flow Tube Calibration Adapter (Product #5030-2)
EasyOne Carry Case (Product 2031-1)
Nose clips (bag of 25) (Product 2030-4)
Portable Color Inkjet Printer (Product 2020-5)

(EasyOne Air is compatible with the HP LaserJet 200 printer, not available from TeamCME)

Extended Warranties:
2 year EasyOne Air warranty extension (Product 3101-9)

Additional Information:
Flexible Use, Consistent Results
EasyOne® Air can be used as a portable or as a PC spirometer. It delivers consistent results regardless of setting or environmental factors.
Calibration-free TrueFlow™ Technology Utilizing high-quality components and Swiss precision-engineering, TrueFlow™ delivers robust and reliable testing results without needing calibration.
Color Touch Screen, View real-time graphs, quickly enter patient data and easily navigate with the high resolution color touch screen in the EasyOne® Air. Bluetooth and EMR Connectivity, Easily connect to PC for real-time patient incentives, data exchange and EMR connectivity.

Regardless of location, environment or number of tests you will perform, EasyOne® Air will exceed your expectations.
Reliable design tried and tested at large screening events
Extremely robust TrueFlow™ measurement technology
Performs up to 100 complete tests with one battery charge
Proven completely calibration-free device  (see note below regarding OSHA testing)

Choose Between Portable Mode and PC Mode
Use EasyOne® Air in portable mode, where the data is stored and the graph is displayed directly on the device, or use it in PC mode for more options.
Portable or PC mode
Stable Bluetooth connection
Real-time curve display
Real-time data transfer

Stop worrying about calibration or accuracy of flow measurements.  TrueFlow™ is the only ultrasound technology proven to be accurate for a lifetime for flow and volume measurements.
Calibration-free with proven lifetime stability
Contact and resistance-free measurement
Outstanding accuracy and robustness
Patented technology

OSHA Testing requires 3 liter Calibration syringe with calibration Adapter Product 2030-2

Test Types
Printing Options
EMR connectivity
Meets ATS/ERS 2005, OSHA and SSD requirements, FDA Approved
Part Numbers
FVC, FVL, SVC, MVV and Pre/Post Testing
English, French, German, Spanish
Direct to printer or with EasyOne Connect Software
EasyOne Connect
3.4x6.1x1.4”, 13 oz
EasyOne Air spirometry system
EasyOne Flow Tube box of 50
EasyOne Flow Tube box of 200