Become a DOT Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)


  • Perform alcohol testing for commercial drivers, pilots, school bus drivers, merchant mariners, transit employees, pipeline workers and all other DOT Administrations.
  • Perform alcohol testing for all Non-DOT regulated businesses that conduct alcohol testing of their employees.
  • All Motor Carriers and Drivers are required to be in an Alcohol and Drug Testing program that includes random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and other alcohol testing.
  • Be a “One Stop Shop” of services. There is a shortage of Accredited DOT Breath Alcohol Technicians.
  • Can be performed within 10 minutes by staff members who have completed the DOT training requirements.

BAT Training

  • DOT regulations require completion of both a “Qualification” course followed by a “Proficiency Demonstration” course.
  • DOT regulations require that BAT training be alcohol-testing-device specific. This course is for Lifeloc Breath Alcohol testing equipment only.
  • The “Qualification” course is online and self-directed. It can be ordered through our online store or by calling 541-276-6032.  We will then contact you with instructions on how to access the training.
  • Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate as an Accredited DOT Breath Alcohol Technician.
  • The “Proficiency Demonstration” must be completed within 30 days of finishing the “Qualification” training.  This course is provided live through Skype teleconference with a TeamCME staff member.  The trainee must have a Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Tester available to perform the proficiency demonstration.  TeamCME provides this equipment at a discounted rate.
  • This course may be used for the Initial “Proficiency Demonstration” or the 5 Year Recertification Training requirement.

BAT Error Correction  Training (Only):

  • When Error Correction Training is required by DOT regulation, our accredited training review of the error subject and limited Proficiency Demonstration satisfies the requirements.
  • A Lifeloc Breath Alcohol Tester must be present to demonstrate sufficient error correction by performing 3 mock collections.


Full Training (Both Courses):

TeamCME Member: $195/person
Non-Member: $245/person

Proficiency Demonstration Only:

TeamCME Member: $149/person
Non-Member: $195/person

Error Correction Training (Only):

TeamCME Member: $80/person
Non-Member: $115/person

Yearly Calibration of Lifeloc Phoenix 6  or EV-30 (TeamCME Members Only):

  • Yearly calibration must be performed by a Lifeloc Certified Operator and Calibration Technician (C-LOCT).
  • We will help you with your yearly calibration or we encourage you to return your equipment to Lifeloc for a more complete service which includes diagnostics and a mechanical check-up.
Cost: $35