10 Hour Updated Training Convention Schedule

NRCME Updated Training!  FAA BasicMed Training & More!

TeamCME has joined ChiroSymposium in providing Training Conventions 

Obtain up to 10 CE Credits! 

New Training Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

As part of ChiroSymposium, there will be others providing separate training tracks at the same time as TeamCME. Follow this link to see a list of sponsors who are likely to have a booth. There will also be TeamWorx, SensiCardiac, and TeamCME booths present.

4 Training Courses Included:

NRCME Updated Advanced CME Training: 8 Hours

This is an advanced update of all current FMCSA medical standards and guidance in performing the medical exam for drivers of commercial vehicles.


  • Bullet Proof your Medication Use Determination
  • Type 1 Diabetes Driver Determinations using the new Federal ITDM Assessment form
  • Type 2 Diabetes Driver Determinations
  • The “REAL” FMCSA Sleep Apnea Requirements and Regulation Citation,
  • 100% Correct, Easy to Use Sleep Apnea Algorithm
  • Illicit Drug Use
  • Determination Pending
  • Hypertension
  • Much, Much More!!

This course will not count towards the NRCME 5 year refresher training requirement that will be offered by FMCSA online for free when released! This course does not fill the FMCSA requirement to become a certified medical examiner in the NRCME!

FAA BasicMed training:  2 Hours

Learn how to perform the FAA BasicMed Medical Exam for Private Pilots and other Non Commercial pilots!


  • Pilot Certificates and Rating
  • Determine Which Pilots can use BasicMed
  • Common Flying Terms MEs Need to Know
  • Components of the BasicMed Exam
  • FAA Exam Forms
  • BasicMed Medical Exam
  • Review and Use of the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiner

SensiCardiac Computer-Aided Heart Auscultation:  30 min (No CE)


  •  Quick and Easy!
  • Determine Murmur Classification
  • Uses FMCSA Guidance for Cardiologist Referrals
  • Decreases Un-needed Referrals and associated time loss
  •  Low Cost ECG testing/equipment and irregular heart rhythm integration
  •  Choroid artery evaluation integration
  •  Telemedicine Integration
  •  Reports/Diagram/Graph Interpretation/Information

TeamWorx CDL Electronic Health Record System  30 min (No CE)


  • Auto FMCSA reporting of Completed Exams
  • Advanced Comprehensive Decision Direction to reduce Errors
  •  Using the easily recognized format of the 5875 and 5876 Forms
  •  Upcoming Expansion to other types of physical exams and features


Michael Megehee, DC, President and Founder of TeamCME

Jeffrey Carlson, DPM, TeamCME Chief Administrator

Dave Thorpe, DC, President and Founder of TeamWorx & Pass My Physical

Matt LLoyd, partner and business developer for SensiCardiac coming all the way from South Africa

Edward Hill, Support Manager for SensiCardiac coming all the way from South Africa

TeamCME is an Accredited Training Organization for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).

Chiropractic CE Credits:
The TeamCME Advanced training is accompanied with Continuing Education Credit provided by the Providers of Accredited Education (PACE) program of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards in up to 26 states (see link below). Other State’s CE Credit is being applied for by the University of Western States.  Prior to attending, check with your State Licensing Board regarding the acceptance of PACE CE programs provided by TeamCME or as applied for by the University of Western States.

Advanced NRCME Training (8 CE Credit Hours)

States that Accept PACE Programs for CE:  [View] a list of States that accept PACE.

Non PACE States:  Application for CE credit will be sent to your state.

FAA BasicMed Training (2 CE Credit Hours in up to the following 28 States–  Alabama, Alaska , Arkansas, Connecticut allowed but not yet formal, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa NRCME Required, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisianna, Massachusetts NRCME & training req., Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey NRCME Required, New Mexico, North Carolina NRCME Suggested, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon NRCME & 2hrs PACE Training, South Dakota NRCME Required, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia.  See the list above regarding CE status for 2 CE hours for the BasicMed training.


TeamCME Members:  $259

Non Members:  $289

Staff Members: $100

Staff Members w/ CE credit: $150

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