The 2019-2020 Live Advanced Training Schedule

TeamCME Advanced CME Training and OccMed Convention

We have delayed the August, 2019 Orlando Live Training Convention due to important upcoming events from FMCSA, the U.S. Coast Guard,  American Chiropractic Board of Occupational Health, and other physical exam programs that will affect CMEs.

We will send a newsletter to all CMEs once the convention has been scheduled.  Until then, we continue to add free internet based training to TeamCME members.

  • Bullet Proof your Medication Use Determination
  • Type 1 Diabetes Driver Determinations using the new Federal ITDM Assessment form
  • Type 2 Diabetes Driver Determinations
  • The “REAL” FMCSA Sleep Apnea Requirements and Regulation Citation,
  • 100% Correct, Easy to Use Sleep Apnea Algorithm
  • Illicit Drug Use
  • More,
  • Videos currently viewable by TeamCME members and Staff only.

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