CDL Physicals for Motor Carriers

  • Consistent, Sensible, Ethical, Safety Conscious DOT Physical Exams

    Wouldn’t you like all your drivers to be treated the same?

    How can we offer consistent, fair, ethical, safety conscious DOT Physical Exams when no one else can?  

    We provide Advanced Training to our Certified Medical Examiners so that our members are the most current, most informed medical examiners from coast to coast. TeamCME has developed protocols for our members to use when making the driving status determination.  Using TeamCME protocols, our members “Bullet Proof” their driver status decision which protects the driver, the motor carrier, the public, and their own practice. TeamCME has ethical, fair, and safe protocols for medication use, sleep apnea testing and more.

    TeamCME is a group of dedicated, motivated Certified Medical Examiners with the common goal to provide a superior, consistent,. safety conscious DOT Physical Exam with the best pricing available. Sometimes the exams we provide are described as “Driver Helpful”.  Our definition of a driver helpful exam is a physical exam performed by a superior, informed, knowledgeable certified medical examiner who knows how to steer the driver thru the medical standards so they can continue to drive safely with the least impact on the motor carrier’s driver schedule.  

  • Sensible Low-Cost Sleep Apnea Testing

    We have the solution for inconsistent and questionable requirements for sleep apnea testing of drivers.  Using the TeamCME Sleep Apnea protocol, our members consider objective and subjective symptoms accompanied by multiple risk factors before a driver is referred for testing.  We do not rely on single factor (such as BMI or neck size) as the basis to require testing. All drivers get the same responsible, sensible, ethical decision making protocol, based on the FMCSA bulletin to focus on identifying those drivers who may have moderate or severe sleep apnea.  With our ethical national sleep apnea specialist, Phoenix Sleep Solutions, the cost of the sleep test is only $295,  takes less than a week, and is performed as a home sleep study allowing the driver to sleep in their regular bed (or truck) where they have a better chance of actually sleeping.  Ethical. Responsible. Fast. Convenient. Low-Cost. What could be better than that?

  • 700+ DOT Physical Exam Locations

    TeamCME is the largest DOT Medical Examiner network in the U.S. Our DOT Physical Exam locations provide DOT Physical Exams and other DOT related services such as alcohol and drug testing with cutting edge innovation, convenience, all at a low cost. The national average price of a DOT physical exam from a TeamCME clinic is less than $80. We partner with the best and most ethical specialists. From DOT physicals to random drug programs, to sleep apnea testing, our members can provide every service that motor carriers need.

  • Discount Pricing Available for National Associations/OOIDA Members

    TeamCME DOT physical exam locations already have the most competitive pricing, but we invite national driver associations to contact us regarding a 10% discount for their members or drivers.  OOIDA members can get a 10% discount at many of our clinics.  That’s a Win-Win situation for everybody!  For more information call TeamCME at 541-276-6032.

More Reasons to Use TeamCME!

  • Same Day Appointments Are Routine

    Our clinics get your driver’s back on the road fast!  No waiting. No “stranded” drivers in the waiting room.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling

    View available appointments from your computer. Schedule an appointment online to fit your driver’s schedule (where available).

  • Free Driver Mobile App with "Expiration Alerts" Never forget to renew!

    The quick and convenient solution to an expired medical certificate whether at home or on the road.  Use the GPS location on your Iphone or Android mobile device to find a DOT Medical Exam location near you.  Save the location of your last medical examiner and get “Expiration Alerts” sent as push notifications to your phone and an alert send to your email.  Never get caught with an expired medical certificate!

  • SensiCardiac Heart Scan

    Cutting Edge Innovation at no Extra Cost! Drivers can get a FDA computer aided heart murmur evaluation equal to a cardiologist with their DOT medical exam! Goes a long way in identifying previously undetected heart conditions.  Has already saved drivers lives! Available at participating clinics.

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing, Randomized Consortium!

    We’ve got more than one map! Use our map that lists Accredited DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing locations. All TeamCME locations that offer DOT alcohol and drug testing can also offer random alcohol and drug testing programs to their motor carrier and driver clients.

More than just a Network, TeamCME Training, Exam Reviews

TeamCME is a PACE Accredited FMCSA National Registry Training Organization and has trained over 5000 physcians to become Certifed in the National Registry.  Got Questions?  Call us at 541-276-6032.  We are the solution for your DOT physical exam concerns!