The Largest Nationwide Network of DOT Medical Examiners

  • Cost-Effective & Convenient DOT Physical Exams & Other DOT-related Services

    We do our best to beat the competition. Not only in cost, but in Quality and Convenience as well.

    • Pay the Same Price per Exam Nationally! Choose whether to use select locations or have access to all clinics nationwide.
    • Get a single bill for all services performed monthly.
    • From DOT alcohol & drug testing to screening for sleep apnea, our partners & members are the best in the business.
  • Consistent, Sensible, Safety Conscious DRIVER HELPFUL® DOT Physical Exams

    We help motor carriers retain their safe driver workforce for years to come.

    • Our medical examiners steer motor carriers and drivers through the exam process, addressing any possible health concerns as they pertain to the medical standards.
    • Direct access to Dr. Mike Megehee, NRCME Champion, FMCSA Medical Examiner Education WIPT.
  • Randomized Consortium Alcohol And Drug Testing

    Be a part of our nationwide TeamCME  random testing consortium or choose to be in your own

    • Use our national network of DOT Urine Specimen Collectors & Breath Alcohol Technicians
    • Receive testing results electronically
  • Free Mobile App

    • Search and choose from hundreds of DOT Physical Exam or DOT alcohol and drug testing clinics.  Clinic locations, driving directions, and contact information are at your fingertips!
    • Drivers receive “Expiration Alerts” before their medical card expiresSave the location of your last medical examiner
    • Never get caught with an expired medical certificate! TeamCME mobile app on cell phone screen with info about DOT exam dates and locations.

    TeamCME mobile app on cell phone screen with info about DOT exam dates and locations

  • Sensible Low-Cost Sleep Apnea Testing

    We have developed a responsible decision-making protocol for sleep apnea screening, based on the FMCSA bulletin and medical review board recommendations. In partnership with Interstate Sleep Apnea Solutions, drivers can have a home sleep study in the comfort of their own bed (or truck) where they have a better chance of actually sleeping. This test takes less than a week and costs only $250.


    We invite national driver associations to contact us regarding a 10% discount for their members or drivers. OOIDA members can get a 10% discount at many of our clinics. That’s a Win-Win situation for everybody! 

  • TeleSensi™ Cardiac

    A.I. Murmur Detection Software allows for the

    best possible Physical Exam!

    Drivers can receive a computer-aided heart murmur

    evaluation equal to that of a cardiologist.

    • Detects 15 Different Heart Conditions
    • Designed to work with electronic stethoscope.
    • Reduce unneeded referrals and delays!
    • Identifies previously undetected heart conditions
    • This device has already saved drivers’ lives