TeamCME has two types of programs where members can provide services to TeamCME Clients.

National Account Program:

The National Account program offers the opportunity for members to provide DOT Medical Exams for commercial drivers, DOT Drug, and Alcohol testing services to TeamCME clients who want the features of the National Account Program.  Members submit their usual and customary charges to TeamCME and accept 80% of the service price submitted as full payment.  Members have the opportunity to submit new prices once a year.  Members submit bills for services provided to TeamCME National Clients to TeamCME thru the billing portal described below. Contracts and details regarding the National Account program are contained in the link below.  Some National Account Clients have special requirements and require additional credentialing.  Members should make sure they complete all requirements to provide services for all of the National Clients.

Special Account Program:

Depending on the TeamCME Client, the Special Account program may not require the member to be a national registry certified medical examiner because it may not include payment for DOT Medical Exams for commercial drivers. The Special Account program usually offers an expanded range of non-DOT related services that members can provide.  Member payment is usually based on Client submitted pricing.  Some DOT related services may be included such as DOT alcohol and drug testing.  Members decide which of the services covered will or can be provided by their clinic. Members submit bills to TeamCME thru the billing portal described below.  Special Account Programs are an attachment to, and modifier of,  the National Account Program contract.  Contracts and details regarding the current Special Account Programs are contained in the links below.

To Participate in the National Account Program, Follow These Steps

1. Print the New 2015 TeamCME National Account Member Agreement by (Clicking Here).
2. Print the National Account Usual & Customary Charges by (Clicking Here).
3. Print the new 2-page CHSi Credentialing Application by (Clicking Here).
4. Print the Foley Services Requirements form by (Clicking Here)
5. Complete each form and fax all documents to the appropriate recipient.

To Participate in the CHSi Special Account Program, Follow These Steps”

1. If you haven’t already, print the National Account Agreement by (Clicking Here).
2. If you did not complete the previous CHSi Credentialing Application, print the new 2-page CHSi form by (Clicking Here).
3. Print the CHSi Attachment and Payment List by (Clicking Here).
4. Print the CHSi Services Verification Form by (Clicking Here).
5. Complete each form and fax to the appropriate recipient (fax number)

View the Reimbursement ( CHSi Services Payment) list for the CHSi Special Program by (Clicking Here).


National Account Billing Portal — How to get Paid for Services You provide!

Starting now, please bill your services performed to the National and Special Account programs through the billing portal.  It’s easy, just log into as a member,  click the link to the billing portal (located on the right side of the page), input the information requested and click submit.  All billing must go thru the billing portal.