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Your Office Webpage on Google Page 1 Results

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Here’s Why it Works.

There is a shortage of providers of the Merchant Mariner Exam. To find a Merchant Mariner Exam provider near them, the primary resource these mariners have is the internet. With our  Search Engine Optimization and powerful ranking,  you’ll be at or near the top of Page 1 of Google results. They are guaranteed to see your information.

Already have a website? The more exposure the better! Link your website to your member webpage which increases the ranking of your existing website.

Internet Sales: A 3 step process 

Step 1: Location! Your information needs to be where it can be seen on page 1 of Google. We’ve got that covered!

Step 2: Once your listing is seen, there has to be a reason to “Click”. Merchant Mariners are interested in “Passing the Exam”, “Pricing”,  and Same Day Appointments. We make sure they like what they see.

Step 3: Complete the “sale”. Convince them to make an appointment. We put in the information to convert a “click” on your webpage to an appointment.

Cost: $14.95 per month with a one-time $29.95 set-up fee

Get Started:

Complete the form below, then click “submit”.

You can help us obtain the highest SEO ranking by doing the following:

  1. Provide up to 2 pictures which may include a picture of yourself, your staff, your clinic, or your logo.
  2. Add a short bio. Consider including years in practice, your local history, caring for merchant mariners and patients, education/training.
  3. Put in your pricing and give us permission to include it. The only time your pricing should not be there is if your pricing is not competitive.
  4. Provide directions to your office. You can include specific directions off a main highway or road, or simply give a description of where your office is located (ex. across from the bank).
  5. Content unrelated to Merchant Mariner Exams should be avoided as this can dilute the search engine optimization. You can list other services you want to market to drivers/motor carriers in the “Services” section.
  6. If you have a separate website or online scheduling, provide the URL and we will link them to your webpage.

You are now ready to Dominate the Internet in your area! 

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