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Here’s Why it Works.

Companies that are required to provide respirators for their employees are looking for providers.

It’s not easy for them to find a provider for these services, and their only possible resources is to search the internet.  To find a Merchant Mariner Exam That’s where the incredibly powerful ranking of TeamCME combined with our Search Engine Optimization profile is unbeatable!  Our search for providers of respirator services has shown there are few providers advertising this service on the internet.  The internet door is open to those who want to increase their clients that are Federally required to provide these services to their workers.

You’ll be at or near the top of Page 1 of Google results where employers are guaranteed to see your information.  But that is not all. If you already have a website, we can link your website to your webpage which will increase the ranking of your existing website.

The sooner you get a webpage, the higher your ranking will be against other websites!

Internet Sales: A 3 step process and we have all 3 covered:

Step 1:  Employers have to see your information:  Internet pros know this means you have to be on Google Page 1.  We’ve  got that covered! You will be at or near the top of Page 1 of Google results.

Step 2There has to be a reason to “Click”.  Once an employer sees your clinic on the results page, there has to be a reason for them to “click” your link.  With a large demand and difficulty finding a provider “we got this)! We’ll make sure they like what they see.

Step 3:  Once the employer arrives on your webpage, this is where the “Sale” is completed.  This means that the employer needs to see something that convinces them to call your office. We put in the information to convert a “click” on your webpage to an appointment.


Monthly fee: $14.95 per month (Unbelievable!!)

Set-Up Fee:  $29.95  (one time only)

Get Started:

Fill in your information in the spaces of the form shown below. Then click submit. We will review the form and make the needed changes to meet our SEO parameters to put you at the top of Google Page 1 searches.

You can help us obtain the highest SEO ranking of your webpage by doing the following:

  1. Include at least one picture of yourself, your staff, or your clinic.  You can provide up to 2 pictures.  This increases your online ranking.
  2. Add a bio.   A paragraph is sufficient with years in practice,  your local history,  education/training.
  3. If you have a special message for the employer (such as onsite services), submit it in the DOT Exam section on the form. We will fit it into our SEO formatted content.
  4. List your services in the “Services” section such as Medical Eval for Respirator Use,  Fit testing,  Medical exams for Respirator Use and other OccMed such as drug and alcohol testing. Try not to have too excessive. Put in your pricing and give us permission to include it. The only time your pricing should not be there is if your pricing is not competitive.
  5. There is a section to put in driving instructions. Provide specific directions off a freeway or main road from each direction.
  6. Avoid content not related to Respirator Use or other OccMed services. “Other” content will dilute our search engine optimization and reduce result page ranking.
  7. If you have a website or online scheduling, provide the URL and we will link it to your webpage. Then put a link on your existing website to your webpage on This will increase your existing website ranking.
  8. Complete the form sections below and click “Submit”

You are now ready to Dominate the Internet in your area! 

Be on Page 1 of Google Results for only $14.95 a month!

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