Merchant Mariner Medical Certificate

Finding a clinic for a Merchant Mariner Medical Exam can be tough! But we’ve got just what you need to find a Merchant Mariner exam near you. Start by clicking on the link below, or even better, download our Free Merchant Mariner app and use your GPS location to search for clinics. We’ve just started building on our Merchant Mariner map but you can use our other maps that have thousands of clinics that can help you. It’s never been easier!

Look at the Map for Merchant Mariners first. No clinic near you? Go to our Pilot Map. There are over 4500 Aviation Medical Examiners all of whom can perform your medical exam.

Never forget to renew your Merchant Mariner medical exam again! Download our full featured Mobile App and get “Expiration Alerts” starting one month before you certificate expires!

Call for an appointment with a single tap of the finger. Get driving directions just as easy. Compare pricing. Save the contact information of your Medical Examiner and it will always be right at your fingertip.

Choose from thousands of locations, save the contact information of your examiner, and never let your medical certificate expire again! Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

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