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Driver Helpful® DOT Physicals, FAA BasicMed and FAA AME Medical Certificates, School Bus Driver, Merchant Mariner Medical Exams, DOT and Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing, Randomized Drug Testing Program. Our 700+ clinics nationwide can provide for the full spectrum of DOT needed services.

If you’re looking for a Driver Helpful, Safety Conscious CDL Physical Exam, You’ve come to the Right Place.

How can we do this when none else can? Our Medical Examiners have advanced training! While other clinics are out there on their own, our providers are trained and updated to steer drivers thru the medical standards and guidelines so they can safely “Keep on Truckin'”.  Having trouble with a recent physical exam, call a TeamCME clinic. TeamCME clinics have an advantage. They have our “Team” of experts behind them to find a solution when it’s needed. Our providers are the most informed, updated, and innovative medical examiners from coast to coast.

Every TeamCME DOT Physical Exam is performed to the highest ethical standard and responsibility. Using TeamCME developed protocols, our clinics know when additional testing is unnecessary and how to “Bullet Proof” their driver status determination to protect drivers and motor carriers. But if needed, we have cost-effective solutions that may safely allow the driver to “Keep on Truck’in.

If you are looking for DOT Physical Exam locations where all drivers to get the same fair, ethical, consistent

Motor Carrier and Driver Helpful® DOT physical exam, you have found the right place!


700+ DOT Physical Exam Locations for Commercial Drivers

Two easy ways to find a DOT Physical Exam location near you! 

Download our Free Driver Mobile App for Iphone and Android Devices and you’ll also get “Expiration Alerts” before your medical certificate expires.  Or use our On-line Map.  Just click “Mobile App” or “Clinic Locations” in the navigation bar near the top of the page.

Regardless of whether you use our Driver Mobile App or Online Map, you’ll get a fair, consistent, ethical, driver helpful DOT Medical Exam at a great low price.

CDL Physical Exam Worries? Our medical examiners are dedicated to helping you! With their extensive knowledge of the DOT Medical Exam guidelines, they will steer you thru the CDL Physical Exam  so you can Keep on Truckin’.

Same Day Appointments are Routine in Most Offices!   Just call the clinic for information. Many also have online scheduling and accept walk-ins.  Don’t waste time waiting!

Find a Clinic near You!  Click on “Clinic Locations” in the upper navigation bar or follow the instructions below to download our Free Driver Mobile App!

Download our Mobile App for iPhone and Android, Find a clinic and Get Medical Certificate “Expiration Alerts”:  Click on “Mobile App” in the Navigation bar. Finding and calling a clinic and getting directions is just a “tap” away.  Save your expiration date and provider contact information and get “Expiration” alerts sent to your phone and email address starting 2 months before you certificate expires.

(Click Here) to Download the DOT Medical Exam Report Form

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BasicMed, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class FAA Medical Certificates

BasicMed Map of Providers Coming Soon!   (Click here) for more BasicMed Information:

If you are looking for a BasicMed or FAA Medical Certificate, you’ve come to the right place.  Use our Pilot’s map and Mobile App to find a FAA Flight Physical near you.  Our online map and mobile app lists more than 5000 Aviation Medical Examiners.  Download our free app, or get our full version and get “Expiration” alerts sent to you starting one month before your Flight Physical expires.  Never let you Flight Physical expire again.

(Click here) for Locations of Aviation Medical Examiners

DOT Physical Exams for School Bus Drivers

Many School bus drivers are exempted from the Federal requirement to have a DOT Physical Exam, however all but a few of the TeamCME DOT Physical Exam locations are familiar with your State School Bus Medical Exam regulations.  This allows them to perform your State required DOT Physical Exam for school bus drivers.  If your state has adopted the Federal National Registry regulation, we have 600+ DOT Physical Exam locations that can provide this service. Like the other DOT Medical Exams that our members offer, our providers offer pricing that is hard to beat.  States very often have their own medical exam form for School Bus Drivers.  Contact the nearest TeamCME location for details.

DOT Physical Exams for Merchant Mariners

Finding a DOT Physical Exam for Merchant Mariners can be difficult because only a relatively few providers perform this physical.  Check the TeamCME Merchant Mariner Map for locations but if there isn’t a TeamCME provider near you we have another suggest that might work.   Of the 600+ DOT Physical Exam locations listed on our Commercial Driver Map, those that are not Doctors of Chiropractic can also perform the DOT Physical Exam for Merchant Mariners.  If there still isn’t a TeamCME provider near you, there’s good news. Just go to the Pilot’s Map.  All of the 5000 Aviation Medical Examiners on our Pilot’s map can perform the Merchant Mariner DOT Medical Exam.