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Back 2 Work Clinic

Xavier A. Ortiz Ramirez, DC, MD, CME NRCME

5995 W State St Ste B
Garden City, Idaho 83703
(208) 965-2262

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Monday and Wednesday: 1PM-6PM
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 9AM-2PM

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  • Physical Exams
  • FMCSA DOT Physicals/Exams
  • FAA Basic Physicals
  • Crane Operator Physicals
  • Hand Function Assessments
  • Back Functional Assessments
  • Fit to Work Evaluations
  • Firefighter Physical Exams
  • Return to work outcome assessments
  • Specialized Work-Related / Industrial / Medical Labs and testing:
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • Mask Fitting Testing / N95 fitting
  • Coming to soon to Boise 2020,
    COVID-19 Testing
  • Audiometric Testing
  • Pulmonary Testing
  • DNA Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Crystalline Silica Testing
  • Sleep Apnea Testing
  • TB Testing

Our Priority is to the Driver! We Perform Driver Helpful® DOT Physical Exams to Assist in Obtaining a CDL Medical Card.

Pass Your DOT Medical Exam! We know how important it is that you maintain a current CDL medical card. Whether you are a healthy 21-year-old with a learner's permit, or have a medical condition you're concerned about, this is the DOT exam location you’re looking for! With extensive knowledge of the exam requirements, we will guide you through so you can Keep on Truckin'.

Need your DOT Physical Exam Today? No Waiting! Walk-ins welcome! Same Day Appointments! Just give us a call! We are committed to getting you back on the road in no time.

Free Driver Mobile App! Get "Expiration Alerts" before your medical card expires. Download the Free TeamCME Mobile Driver App, save your expiration date, and receive an alert starting 2 months before your current medical card expires. Select us as your medical examiner and our office location, driving directions, and contact information are at your fingertip!

What is a Driver Helpful® DOT Physical Exam? Helping drivers is what we do. Our provider knows the medical requirements and is interested in helping the driver maintain their livelihood. When needed, we steer drivers with certain medical conditions thru the requirements so they can obtain or maintain a current CDL medical card and continue to drive. We’ll also address concerns and safety considerations regarding the driver's current and future wellbeing as it pertains to their career.

Want to know more about the DOT physical exam? (Click Here) to access the FMCSA CMV Driver Fact Sheet regarding the DOT physical exam.


Save time by downloading the Pass My Physical Mobile App! Pass My Physical is FREE to download, free to store your medical history and information, and free notifications to renew your DOT Physical certificate. Best of all, your form transfers directly to us without printing or filling out the form in the office!

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He was born and raised by his parents Melvyn and Maria in San Juan Puerto Rico, USA. He has a brother, Misael, who also is his business partner at his educational ventures. Early in his life, Dr. Xavier was attracted to healing arts and human services. At 16 years of age, he was already a volunteer for the red cross, working for the Hurricane Hugo response in 1989. He became an EMT and first aid instructor for the first time by age 17.

After finishing high school, he went to pursue his BS in Biology. Also, at that time he continued with his EMS studies becoming a Paramedic by age 20. He worked as a paramedic, paramedic instructor, and then flight paramedic for the next 18 years of his career. As a flight medic, he was able to travel the world while taking care of critically ill patients in the international setting. At this time, he was also a paramedic at Guaynabo City Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and became an instructor for the American Heart Association (AHA) for the Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, and all the other AHA educational programs. He also became a College Level Paramedic Instructor, and then program director.

He recalls the turning point in his life when he was flying a patient at 42,000 feet over the sea level feeling that “This is the highest that I will ever be in this career”, so he decided to go back and finish his pre-medical work to get his doctorate in medicine. By the year 2001 was admitted in Xochicalco medical School in Baja California, Mexico, where he graduated as Medico Cirujano (Medicine Doctor Surgery Minor). While in medical school, he got married to his wife Yanira, an amazing woman he met when working as a paramedic before. At this time, he became the stepfather of Joel and Danyarel and then they beget two wonderful kids of their own, Allison and Arthur.

While in medical school, he kept training and developing in the EMS and safety field, becoming part of the National Disaster Medical Assistance Team in San Diego, CA, and taking multiple disasters and advance emergency courses. He also dedicated time to pursue one of his passions, to serve as a missionary, becoming part of relief teams to underdeveloped countries; and later he became DRASI International Missions Medical Director. He graduated from Xochicalco Medical School in BC, Mexico by 2007.

A year later, Dr. X returned to Puerto Rico, and very soon after, he became the director of an emergency medical service college program. This position allowed him to oversee the training of paramedics and directing the medical response for big events. Also, he served as an instructor for disaster response, government public health agencies, and medical personnel. In 2011 he founded Educatevirtual Learning Centers with his brother, an online health professionals training portal. By 2014 he moves back to California with his family where he served as an instructor for Loma Linda University, and later for Critical Care Training Center in North Hollywood California.

While working as an instructor he sought going back into patient care, but this time he chose to pursue his second doctorate, now in Chiropractic Medicine. Chiropractic medicine was more aligned with his life philosophy and understanding of healing; plus, his own experience with chiropractic had made a big impact on his health. After graduation, he worked as an associate for renowned and respected practices in California.

In June 2019, the opportunity of developing his practice in Colorado Springs, and in 2020 he founded Back 2 Work Clinics in the Treasure Valley, Idaho. As the Clinic Director and occupational medicine provider, he has the privilege to impact the community and individuals to have a healthier ad better life.
Dr. Xavier is happily married to his wife Yanira and has four children, Joel (24) a master’s degree Student in Archeology, Danyarel (22) a Master Clinical Social Worker, Alison (13) a free-spirited amazing artist and K-Pop fan, and Arthur (11) a fiery, fun and kind-hearted boy. Also, a pet Morkie dog named Chewy, AKA la Yuyu is part of his family. He loves nature, water, and shooting sports. He is also a foodie, travel, and technology aficionado; but his greatest passion is to be a servant of the Lord most High, Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

El Dr. Xavier habla Español and understands Portuguese.

Doctor of Chiropractic Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS), California
Medicine Doctor Education at Xochicalco University, BC, Mexico
DOT Certified Medical Examiner
Gonstead Chiropractic Training
Activator Methods Training
Myofascial Blading- Rock Blades Basic and Advance Training- Rock Tape
FMT and FMT Advance Taping- Rock Tape
Whiplash Injury and Concussion Diplomate-Spine Research Institute of San Diego
Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, Paramedic Instructor, EMS Program Director
DRASI International Medical Missions Director
Over sixty certifications in safety and emergency response
American Heart Association Instructor for Medical Professionals: BLS, ACLS, PALS
Medical Training Developer and Educator at Educatevirtual Learning Centers

We provide chiropractic, DOT medical exams, drug - alcohol testing, and other occupational health services in the Treasure Valley and all the State Idaho.

Mission Statement
To provide chiropractic, preventive spine care, and rehabilitation for industrial and work-related patients. Compliance testing and education to prevent work-related injuries for the treasure valley and vicinity companies; while reducing the principal cause for business loss in the industry, work-related injuries.

Vision Statement
We will help you prevent, we care for you, and we will get you back to work.

Dr. Xavier is also trained to perform many other physical exams related to other occupations. Also, all our staff is trained and certified to conduct different types of testing in-house so you can meet the regulatory demands of your employees. The following are some of the most important examinations or test that we can perform:

NRCME Number: 2840821140