Truck driver on the road after a Driver Helpful CDL Physical

Why is a Driver Helpful® Medical Exam Important?

Driver Helpful® CDL Physicals ensure public safety, and driver livelihood.

Few Medical Examiners know how to perform a Driver Helpful® CDL Physical, and even fewer are interested in taking the extra time that is needed.  TeamCME Medical Examiners put a priority on performing a CDL physical that is fair, ethical, and “Helpful” for drivers of commercial vehicles.  There are two tragedies that can occur in performing driver medical exams.  One is to put an unsafe driver on the road who, due to a medical condition, causes an accident.  The other is to remove a driver’s livelihood when it was not necessary. To the driver and their family, this can end up being just as tragic. Knowledgeable, up-to-date medical examiners know how to offer alternatives to removing a driver from driving. That is what puts our Medical Examiners ahead of the others.

There are relatively few medical conditions or medication use that results in permanent disqualification from driving.  Here are some of the big ones from the past;  Methadone or Chantix Use,  Loss of Hearing,  Loss of vision, Insulin Use just to name a few.  There have been changes for all of these instances that allow the driver to continue driving.  The key is to have a medical examiner who is both informed, and willing to take the time necessary to “steer” the driver thru the medical requirements.

Since the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners was established in 2014, there continues to this day to be widespread confusion among medical examiners and drivers about sleep apnea. What drivers must be tested?  What drivers must be treated? Can dental devices be used, and when?  What constitutes being compliant with sleep apnea treatment? Does a driver have to be retested?  What can a driver do to be prepared for their next medical exam?  TeamCME members do not test drivers for sleep apnea unless they fall into a small category of driver.  And if their home sleep test comes out negative, they can tell the driver how to avoid ever having to be retested in the future.  TeamCME providers have the driver’s interest in mind.  That’s why TeamCME clinics are the only providers of Driver Helpful® DOT physical exams.

Getting a Driver Helpful® medical exam makes a real difference!  Our 800 TeamCME Clinic locations are recognized nationally by OOIDA for providing low cost, Driver Helpful® Medical Exams.  And if you ever have a question about your medical exam performed by a TeamCME Clinic, call TeamCME headquarters.  We are dedicated to helping drivers stay safe and compliant as a driver of a commercial vehicle.

Michael Megehee, DC, NRCME, President


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